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New IPAD dies after 2 days

Purchased my wife a new IPAD for her birthday. Performed Apple's easy setup using first her Iphone to move over basic settings and then installing the latest backup of her old  IPAD to the new one.

A day later, while working a puzzle (with 80 percent batter) it just went blank.

Did the usual restart options suggested by Apple. Opened a ticket with Apple and went through the same restarts again. Nothing but a blank screen. Tried restoring the IPAD using a computer and Itunes. Used both a windows 10 computer and a freshly restored Mac and no luck.

Called Best Buy. They said brink it back to the closest store (45 miles away) and they would exchange for a new one.

Made the trip. Could not exchange as the IPAD was linked to wife's account with Apple. Removed it from her account, but system did not see the release, yet. Best Buy said it might take a day or so. OK, so I will buy another one and  get my money back when the  failed one is released.

No luck, the store would not honor the $75 discount I received on my failed unit.

So home I went with  a non-functioning IPAD.

Will try again today, to see if local store (45 miles away) will take it back and give me a functioning unit.