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New Best Buy Card blocked cannot get help

Hi. I signed up for a new Best Buy Citi card, which was approved. I have received the card. When I tried to activate it, they texted me a pin, which I verified. They verified several different background questions regarding car payment amount, mortgage, employer, etc. once that was complete they said I need to wait for a call back which takes 24-48 hours. Nobody called so I called back, they repeated the same process and said I need to wait for a call or a letter to verify. No call. No letter. I finally called and asked to speak to a supervisor, they are always on lunch apparently. I’m stuck in a loop. Can you help? I’m a loyal customer. I’ve been MyBestBuy Elite + every year since your rewards program was started way back in the day. I realize Citibank handles your card, but I can get nobody there to assist.

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Re: New Best Buy Card blocked cannot get help

Unfortunately Citibank alone has sole access to the account. They would be the only course of action to re-enable the card.
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