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Need help with my order and cannot get the promotion

Hi there,

I ordered
KitchenAid Professional 600 Lift-Bowl Stand Mixer - 6Qt - 575-Watt - Empire
Redon Nov 19 and I got a promotion for a free knife. However, today I received the package without a
knife. I tried to call customer service to solve my problem and it took me
30 minutes to wait and it turns out that I have to call Bestbuy back to
check if the knife is available, then someone can help me to order the
knife for free. Honestly, It's not fair for me as a customer, I did not do
anything wrong. Bestbuy has to be responsible to check the stock and shipping
to my address for free. I do not need to call you several times to get it


I also contact customer service twice, but they keep telling me that this is the only way they can solve my problem.


I think BestBuy is treating its customers unfairly with this promotion program. At the time of completing the order, you must inform customers when your promotion item is out of stock and explain that the solution is to follow up on stocks and contact customer service for delivery. As long as the client agrees, you can proceed with the order. Unfortunately, I did not receive a phone call or email about this issue until it was delivered. As a result, I'm forced to accept Bestbuy's treatment of me without choice. You said it was out of stock, but when I tried today to select the item it was still there. I am sure more clients will have the same problem.

Thank you.

Van Duong

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Re: Need help with my order and cannot get the promotion

Hello, vanthy3112.

Thank you for reaching out to us here on our forums.  I can understand wanting to take advantage of any free promotions that come a long with a purchase.  I will be happy to look into this for you if you would like.  To start, would you mind sending me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number?  You should be able to do so by clicking the blue button next to my signature.  



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