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Need help immediately

I went to purchase a monitor online. a Samsung Odyssey G9  49" 1000R Curved Dual QHD 240Hz 1ms FreeSync & G-Sync Gaming Monitor  SKU: 6425569     I noticed the price was $1299 and on the Samsung official website it is $1099. I spoke with a TotalTech Chat Agent to get the price difference. Then I saw an Open Box for $1065. I asked if the price could be adjusted correctly. Since the other 2 Samsung G9 version match the same sale prices as the official Samsung website. The TotalTech Chat Agent informed to go to the store and to rest assure that I would be assisted and be given any special discounts available. I mentioned that the store was 1hr 30mins from my home. That this was the only one that is Open Box in my area and it was located in the Princeton, NJ store. The agent said to call first. Which I did. I spoke to a Christina. She informed that Open Box price could not be adjusted. The only way that it could be is if the sale price was adjusted. I was told the total price would come to $1136.61. Now, I had another problem. I had $1000 in PayPal credit. The store was closing in 2 hours. I got there with 15mins to spare. Turns out the monitor was never supposed to be posted online due to that fact that it was not ready because it was never checked out by the Geek Squad. They ended up staying late to check it out for me since I drove all that way. I also told them my situation with me needing to make 2 forms of payment. I tried to see if I was allowed to go over my credit limit by $136.61. I was not allowed. So the employee told me that the only other way was  to purchase 2 e-gift cards. $500 each. Then he could use those at the register and I would be able to use my other credit card for the balance of $136.61. I purchased the 2 e-gift cards. Had them sent to my email. For whatever reason Best Buy chose to not process them. Now I my available credit is 0 and I have 2 transactions stuck as Pending. I was on the phone all day fighting with PayPal and the customer service for the e-gift cards. PayPal said that Best Buy needs to Void the transaction so I could get my available credit back right away  so I can get the monitor. The e-gift card customer support said they never took the money so there is nothing void out. I drove 3 hours yesterday and spent an hour in the store while they checked over a computer that was never even check out to begin with. Which was also given a price before being checked. Something needs to be done about this. I need the monitor and I need my credit tto be adjusted. Along with a discount for this inconvenience. I don't know why the -egift cards couldnt just go through to begin with. I would be home right now using the monitor I paid for. I really hope someone can get back to me on this today or call me to help sort this all out. So I can get back to work and not lose money each day this continues.

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Re: Need help immediately

Hi there, regnum1328,


Thanks for reaching out to us here on Best Buy Forums, although I wish it were under better circumstances. This certainly seems like a complex situation. I would be happy to work with you on this to assist where possible. 


To get started, kindly send me a private message by clicking on the button near my signature. Be sure to include your full name, phone number, and email address, along with any relevant order number(s) or Customer Service PINs from your receipt.

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