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Need help. Exchange sound bar and refund charges

I purchased a Sonos sound bar in January. Only white items were in stock, with black arriving mid-February. We were given a white bar with the promise that the first black one to arrive in-store would be immediately swapped for the white one. The store sold all the black ones that came in in February, and now they are on backorder. They are acting as if it's my responsibility to access the website multiple times a day to see if any arrive and request the black one, but that wasn't what was promised. In addition, I can't call the store and request help, and the help line is totally useless - their only advice is to keep returning to the store in person until I get the help I need.

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Re: Need help. Exchange sound bar and refund charges

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Thanks for stopping by our forum. I know it's frustrating that you weren't able to get the soundbar you originally wanted. The easiest way to know when an item is in stock, is by checking our website at However though the item may be backordered you still have the option to order it and when it comes back in stock, it will be shipped directly to you. So instead of having to check the website constantly for when the item becomes available, you have that option.


If you need further assistance you can send me a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post. 



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