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Need Help with a Cancel or Renewal of a Subscription Service?

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Hello there, Best Buy Customers,


Getting an unexpected charge on your bank account can be disconcerting, especially if it’s for something you didn’t want to sign up for, or have renew.  Or maybe you just no longer need the services that Total Tech Protection offers, or you want to change to a new anti-virus program


Please know that we aren't able to assist with cancellations of existing or renewed subscription based services, or assist with refunds for cancellations of existing or renewed subscriptions services.  This would include, but is not limited to:


Total Tech Support

Anti-virus programs

Microsoft Office subscriptions

Tidal subscriptions


If you need assistance with these services, please contact us at (888) 237-8289.



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Protection Plan Cancelled in Error

I purchased a protection plan on 11/27/20 and it was cancelled in error by a chat rep on 11/29/20.  I paid for this and it still shows that it hasn't been reactivated.  I'm beyond frustrated at this point.  I've spent countless hours on the phone explaining my issue over and over, only to be told that the "back office team" hasn't reactivated it yet.  It has been 2 months now and nothing indicating my case is being worked or that Best Buy even cares that I have had this ongoing issue.  My son is 12 years old and saved up for months to be able to afford this controller along with the protection plan, only for him to officially have been scammed at this point because he still has no coverage.  


Best Buy has taken advantage of us and this is unacceptable.  Nobody can help and I feel hopeless that this is ever going to get resolved.



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follow-up on canceled service (Webroot Auto-renewal)

I submitted a complaint on 1/23.

I'm not going to re-post all those details, however, I was notifed that my complaint had been removed and

posted in some dark corner of the Best Buy universe.

What I continue to ask for is this....

When I cancelled my service I asked for that $29.99 to be refunded to my credit card.  But, rahter than

refunding my Visa, Besy Buy mailed me a Best Buy gift card.  I DON'T WANT A BEST BUY GIFT CARD!

I don't want to do any more business with Best Buy!  Please refund my Visa in the amount of $29.99

and you can void your gift card.

Your business model is very unfriendly.

Thank you

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Geek squad auto renewal

Purchased an acer laptop some time ago with geek squad support which was automatically renewed and a $489 charge made to my credit card! I bought a limited time geek squad support package and was not advised of automatic renewal - how do I recover this automatic payment? I have never had to use geek squad for the acer...I don’t want to renew. I should think that a better method would be applied that offers the customer options to renew or cancel that are better than this ...I called to cancel and this was most unhelpful because I was at work, the laptop at home and operator not very helpful. I purchase regularly from Best Buy and expect better customer service than this.
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Re: Unexplained charge from Renewal Richfield

I have also received a processing transaction from Check card BestBuy renewal Richfield without any consent, I would like you to cancel this processing transaction and cancel any auto-renewal and subscriptions. I did buy a laptop last year but not remember agreeing to subscriptions.
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Re: Unexplained charge from Renewal Richfield

I do not have the hard copy of the receipt but I still have the sticker that they scan that has the information of the product and date taped to the box. Will this be good evidence?
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I’ve had 2 charges from AppleCare through Best Buy for the past 6-8 months on my sons phone and a year or 2 on my phone.He already has insurance through Att. After some checking I found these plans were purchased in store and one was actually my phone that I’ve never had insurance on. Here’s the thing I bought both phone online so how were these plans bought in store? I did call and cancel but received no answer as to why these plans were added. I feel like I should be refunded for the last year or possibly 2 years on my phone. I doubt I’ll ever trust them to buy a phone online again.
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I would like my refund please

Horrible customer service experience, par for the course. I deal with your employees as little as I possibly can, whether manager or stereo guy or even the occasional contractor from at&t. But when my card shows 105.99$ charge from richfield, mn I have to call instead of use the chat, so I do and wait nearly an hour and am told it'd be taken care of and that they can see that the name address phone did not even match my card. That was Feb 11, 2 weeks later nothing. I call back, and realize please I am on my 3rd year as elite plus and never once called in about fraud or anything like that, but that didn't keep little miss attitude to accuse me of lying right away and holding me accountable for the information that was given by the previous guy. She wouldn't read me his notes but kept stating that they didn't mention any fraud. It's on my bank statement but this lady wants to say the charge doesn't exist ..... and over and over accusing me of lying when I'm staring at the bank statement and reading her the exact time of the charge. Im not calling them back, someone can call me. It's quite clear to me that Bestbuy, Walmart, and Roblox are all connected to the same scam going on on the same bank's cards. As if scamming the public with the merchandise isn't bad enough.
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refund issue with geek squad

I canceled my plan on Feb 6 and was told that it would take 24 -48 hours to receive my refund.  Called back 4 days later and now being told it would take 30 days.  WHY???  Why would it take that long?  Heck Amazon issues the refund as soon as the tracking hits their system.  No one I've talked to can tell me why it takes that long. 


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Best Buy is a scammer...

Best Buy has scammed me! I purchased a single item an Amazon Firestick and on the receipt it show the price I paid for the Firestick and it had a line idea of ‘Tidal 3 month free’ but it was zeroed out and so I did not pay any attention to it. Well I just found out they started charging me $9.99 a month beginning in Dec 2020. I called Best Buy and they said it was a subscription service and I could cancel it from future charges but could not have them return the $29.97 back to my AMEX card. I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told I would be contacted by a supervisor within 24-48 hours, not once, not twice, not three times but 4 times after each call I initiated... NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME AFTER FOUR ATTEMPTS! Also note: I have Apple Music and do not use any other service for streaming music, period! I’m posting this on every social media platform on the planet until someone from Best Buy returns my call to resolve this issue of ‘bait & switch’! If this is the dishonest way Best Buy does business, I’ll never walk back into your store again! I understand mistakes happen, but failure not to return calls 4 times is not a mistake!