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renewal of tech support and trend internet

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{removed per forum guidelines} and {removed per forum guidelines} have been renewed. I keep getting e-mails to {removed per forum guidelines} that neither have been renewed. Payment was sent and received March 5, 2021 for both.

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TIDAL Music Streaming Scam

Several months ago I tried to order a Sonos Move for store pickup. Bestbuy offered a free trial of tidal music service as a promotion for the purchase. Immediately after making the order, I was informed that the move was back ordered to I cancelled. Best Buy did not cancel my tidal subscription or notify me that the promo period was ending. Even though I never activated the account, I have just been charged a renewal for a service I never used for a speaker I never purchased. This is duplicitous and predatory. I expect a refund of my $14.99 charge immediately. I know Best Buy is struggling to remain competitive with Amazon; however, this approach is not the way to stay in business.