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renewal of tech support and trend internet

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{removed per forum guidelines} and {removed per forum guidelines} have been renewed. I keep getting e-mails to {removed per forum guidelines} that neither have been renewed. Payment was sent and received March 5, 2021 for both.

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TIDAL Music Streaming Scam

Several months ago I tried to order a Sonos Move for store pickup. Bestbuy offered a free trial of tidal music service as a promotion for the purchase. Immediately after making the order, I was informed that the move was back ordered to I cancelled. Best Buy did not cancel my tidal subscription or notify me that the promo period was ending. Even though I never activated the account, I have just been charged a renewal for a service I never used for a speaker I never purchased. This is duplicitous and predatory. I expect a refund of my $14.99 charge immediately. I know Best Buy is struggling to remain competitive with Amazon; however, this approach is not the way to stay in business.
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Scammed by Manager at Best Buy and Associate mistakes causing big losses

I needed to get a replacement charger for my surface book pro and for 6 months I couldn't get any help from customer service despite having a $500 protection plan when I went in store it took almost an hour of my time arguing with a manager he told me i had to pay for the charger i was entitled too. He ended up leaving me with the charger and gave me a receipt while doing my taxes i found I was charged a $200 fee on that day for no reason I want answers. I am also being charged over and over for a phone protection plans on 2 phones when I only have one on two different credit cards  and cancelled the plan anyway! Today I was hit with another charge automatic withdrawal from my bank account and haven't even used the card for anything. These associates are so poorly trained and customer service is the worst. i need a new phone and a new laptop and I won't be buying from Best Buy. Am so sad about how I have been treated scammed and stolen from by this company I am thinking about going to the press.

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Monthly Charge of TIDAL subscription I never authorized

After paying my balance in full, the next month I noticed a charge for TIDAL music subscription that I did not authorize. I requested a cancelation and refund for the previous months that I have been charged. Hopefully BestBuy will do the right thing and refund my account for something I never received or authorized.

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Renewal carged

I just got a message.
The message said $23.80 for Renewal was charged from my bank account.
And I checked my Bestbuy account, but I couldn't find what the amount is.

Also, I don't know where to inquire about this.

I need you to check on this.


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Re: Renewal carged

When you bought something from Best Buy did you sign up for Tech Support or Geek Squad protection?

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Re: Update my credit card info for the monthy insurance charge

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Sorry I forgot to update when i had toget a new credit card.  How do I do hst?  This is more of a nuisance trying to do it on line


Joyce {removed per forum guidelines}

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Refund for microsoft 365

Story is I placed an order of mobile phone , then at check out there's an option to add microsoft office 365 family plan 3 month trail for free . I added . Then I choose pick up at local store . After waited all day , no confirmation from local store, so I guess they run out of stock , I cancelled this order , but bestbuy only refunded me partial amount, it charged me $42 for the 365 at original price . I did recieved 365 activation email but I never used it . I cantacted cs and one agent cancelled my subscription , I got cancellation email couple days later . But the refund still not come back, And in my order status history , there's still 365 ready to redeem $42 billed hanging there . I have to call , the agent told me she sent an email to microsoft for refund , and gave me a reference number, but half month passed, nothing happen , And in my order status it's still the " microsoft 365 ready to redeem" . I think it's the bestbuy side problem not Microsoft's because I haven't activated thier product so certainly microsofy won't start to charge before the trail begin, it must be bestbuy temporarily holding the money . Since the order status still ready to redeem status , the money is just holding there forever . I just need someone who cancel this status and refund me the MONEY!!!