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Need Help - Gave Best Buy $5000 of our money, order lost and money missing

My husband and I did an in-home consultation on 9/11/2021.  We ordered 3 televisions, 4 mounts, installation services, a Ring Security system and enrolled in the Best Buy Beta program.  Purchase total: $5066.70. The in-home consultant placed the order on his own computer, took payment on his portable payment device using my husband's debit card, told us we would be receiving an email order confirmation receipt and left our home.  We never received the email receipt.  Tried to contact the consultant twice on that same day and got no response. Became worried and called the IHA consultation customer service team directly and they at first couldn't find the order.  Tried using my phone contact, address, everything and nothing would show up.  They finally were able to find the order using the last four digits of my husband's debit card and the total purchase amount.  Seemed that the order was never actually placed, it was in "draft" status. The consultant who came to our home unfortunately went on vacation the following day, but the $5066.70 was withdrawn from our bank account.  Long story short, fast forward to this week - installation was supposed to happen 10/9 and the consultant calls to say that Best Buy is saying they never received the money for this order.  I have formidable proof from my bank, I even called the bank and Best Buy definitely got the money.  And somehow now, no can find the order.  We are talking about $5066.70 of our money mysteriously disappearing.  I have tried calling customer service many many times, to be told I would hear back and nothing.  The only contact I have is with the original in-home consultant and I'm getting nowhere fast.  I have kept timeline records of each interaction I have had, as well as the email I received confirming the "draft" status order number from Best Buy - but now even that order number has disappeared.  I need someone from a "higher level" to contact me ASAP.

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Re: Need Help - Gave Best Buy $5000 of our money, order lost and money missing

Hello, howardgretchen,


Thank you for taking the time to visit us our community forums. Having made quite a bit of orders, I know that if I saw a payment removed from my account without an associated receipt, I would be concerned as to what was going on. I appreciate you letting us know about this purchase and would certainly like to do some searching here on my end to see what options I have to assist you.


I do have some further questions so I can continue to review this. You mentioned that this purchase was made using your husband's debit card, is that correct? ​Best Buy's Privacy Policy governs how we must protect our customers' personal information and under what circumstances it may be shared. If this purchase was made under your husband's name he would need to reach out to us directly using his own forum profile. He can also give us a call at (888) BEST-BUY or (888) 237-8289.


Please let me know if this purchase was made using your information, I would be glad to continue looking into this!

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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