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My Best Buy Credit Card

Back in February 2016, I received a Best Buy credit card so I could obtain a discount for a dishwasher.  About 3 days after purchasing the dishwasher, I paid the amount of in full.  I have not used the card since and it is still in my possession.


On April 22, 2018, a Best Buy manager in California charged my account $342.36 for I Tunes that I neither received nor purchased.  This was a fraudulent charge.


On Memorial Day 2018, I received a call at 8 am from the Fraud department that someone tried to use my credit card without my authorization (I was still asleep when I was rudely woken up...I've been taking care of my mother  who is suffering from cancer).  The lady, who did not speak fluent English, was told several times that my card was still in my possession.  She kept saying "your card was stolen, ok it was stolen".  I told her several times that no, the card was not stolen.  I then suggested that Best Buy's internal controls may have allowed someone to charge my account without authorization.  Of course the lady had no clue what an internal control is.  I then checked my account and found out about the April 22nd charges.  I informed her that these were not my charges either.


For the next several days I spoke to differrent representatives who all told me different stories.  All were informed that I had not used my card in over 2 years.  I was told this would resolve itself in 3-5 days, 5-7 days, and then 2 weeks.  


On Sunday, June 2nd, my wife received a collection call from Best Buy informing her that her deadbeat husband had not paid his bill.  


Later that day, I contacted Best Buy (Best Buy allowed these charges to happen) and Citi (the card issuer) about these horrific events.  I received a lecture from Citi regarding my patience (I told them under no uncertain terms that this was a form of harrassment).  After hearing this crap, I spoke to a manager at Citi who was then given an earful.  


I contacted Best Buy via  Twitter.  I was promised, as a token of their goodwill, a gift card of $50.  This was first offered on June 13th.  When I never received the gift card, I was then promised a replacement gift card on July 6th and a message from a Jessica that she will contact me when the gift card was shipped.  Well, today is July 14th and Jessica has not contacted me nor have I received a $50 gift card.


I am beyond frustrated with this shoddy service from both Citi and Best Buy.  Best Buy should ensure that their managers cannot simply charge goods to any credit card account.  Furthermore, Best Buy needs to "deliver" on their promises and not just hope I go away gently into the night.  In addition, Best Buy's customer service is far from what should be desired by any reasonable person.  As far as Citi goes, their investigations take way too long.  It took 44 days before I got Citi to admit that all charges on the account were fraudulent and that they would be removed from my account.


So where is my gift card?  Where is my explanation on why a Best Buy manager could charge my account without authorization?  Even more important, where is the apology that I deserve?  

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Re: My Best Buy Credit Card

Hello JWest1971,


Thank you for reaching out to us here at the Best Buy Community forums.  I appreciate you taking he time to share the difficulty you’ve had with your My Best Buy Credit Card, and with getting an update on your gift card. I apologize for the bad experience you’ve had. Having a fraudulent charge show up on your account is always stressful. I had a similar thing happen to me earlier this year, and it took quite a while to clear it up.


We’ve been unusually busy recently, and it’s taking us longer than we’d like to get back to our customers, bother her and on Twitter. I hope that Jessica or someone else on our Twitter team has been able to get you an update on that gift card.


If not, I’ll be happy to double check on this for you. What I’d need you to do is reach out to me through a private message, by using the link in my signature below this post.


Please include your name, email address, phone number, and Twitter handle so I can cross reference this.



Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: My Best Buy Credit Card

I finally received by $50 Best Buy gift card that was promised last month. 


For those who use their Best Buy credit card, please be aware that Citi has been a total disaster to work with.  They blamed me, Best Buy, and of course hackers.  Citi offers a myriad of excuses and they have absolutely horrible communication skills.  


This morning I received an email stating that they "woke me up at 8 am on Memorial Day to protect my interest".  They once again said that their internal policy allows them to make these calls at 8 am.  I responded twofold:  first, I told them that they were not protecting my interest, but instead, their interest because of their weak internal controls.  Second,  I told them that their internal policy probably allows them to crap in their pants if they want to, but maybe they choose not to take that on.



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Re: My Best Buy Credit Card

Good Morning, JWest1971,


Thanks for the update to let us know that you received your $50 gift card! That’s great to hear. While I understand Citibank’s reply is not what you were hoping for, I’m pleased you have now been able to touch base with them regarding your concerns about the time you were called.


I truly appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience. If you need any further assistance in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out as we’re always happy to do what we can.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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