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Multiple charges on card that I did not authorize

Last week I noticed several charges on my credit card from Best Buy with a Richfield MN location.  I visited my local Best Buy store the next day and they supposedly reversed the charges, but the charges are still on my card.   I realize that it takes a while for the credits to appear so this is not my main concern at this time (If I'm not credited in a week, however, that will be an issue).  The problem is that all of these charges were for the follwing: a Webroot yearly subsciption, Total Tech yearly subscription, and 2 separate monthly BBP memberships.   I authorized none of those services.  I never take any extras on purchases.  The customer service rep I spoke to over the phone told me that they were all separate charges on different dates when I purchased merchandise at our local store.  This means that this could not have been an error.  If this happened once, then, yes, it might have been an inadvertent charge, but 4 separate charges are not a mistake.  Perhaps you have a system where employees get bonuses when they sign a customer up for those extra services and memberships?  How else could this happen on 4 separate occasions?   Would be curious to see if anyone has an explanation.  

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Re: Multiple charges on card that I did not authorize

Hello there!

Noticing unrecognizable charges to a personal credit card would be of concern to me as well. So, we understand your desire to determine how this may have occurred. We love to investigate this for you and ask that you’d share your full name, phone, and email with us in a private message. Please select the corresponding blue button so we can receive that securely and verify your account.


We look forward to assisting you.

Wesley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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