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Multiple Promotion Balances

I have multiple promotional balances on my BB credit card, all with different expiration dates. When I make a monthly payment, what determines which balance this amount is applied to? What are the rules?

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Re: Multiple Promotion Balances

This is actually dictated by federal law.  The Credit CARD act from 2009 dictates that after any minimums are paid, it applies to any interest-collecting balance first (non-promotional charges) then any remainder applied to the promotional balance expiring first, then second, and so on. If that doesn't work for you, after you pay the balance and contact Citibank at the 1-888-574-1301 they can assist you with applying the funds however you want.  You have to tell them you want it applied differently so they remain compliant with the law.  


Hope this helps.

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Re: Multiple Promotion Balances

Pro tip.
You have to call them for every payment. Every month. Keep a record of who you talked to and the confirmation number they give you.