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Misleading Price

This week, I was the unfortunate victim of a serious vandalism situation. After spending a good part of the day with Police and Insurance, I went to the Best Buy location in Langley to inquire about additional Security Cameras for my home. The employee I spoke to was excellent, very professional and knowledgeable of what I needed. After making my decision, he mentioned that the items I wanted were actually on sale for $40 off. The price tag showed $189 with a very tiny font in the top left corner stating $40 off. This would lead me, or any customer, to believe the item is on sale for $149. The employee then explained to me that the regular price is $229 and the $40 off would make it $189. BUT, absolutely no where on the price tag was the price $229. I was frustrated by this extremely misleading information and after the day I just had, all I wanted to do was buy my two items and leave. I then spoke to the cashier about the pricing situation and she agreed that yes it can be very misleading and that the stores have just changed over to a new price tag format. I am a Manager for a major retailer and am very aware of what information needs to be on a price tag. You can not omit any part of the pricing structure. The customer is required to know the regular and sale price of all items. Your price tag clearly shows a price of $189 and states a savings of $40. This is clearly false advertising. The $189 did not clearly say "Sale price" nor was $229 anywhere at all on any part of the price shown to the customer. As mentioned, it was very bad day and it was getting late. I was in no mood to argue the price at this point but I strongly feel that I should have only paid $149 (as indicated by the verbiage on the price tag) for the two cameras that I bought. I feel I was overcharged $80 for my purchase. I sincerely hope you will correct this error and find a way to credit me back what I am owed. I look forward to your prompt response to my concern. Thank you!