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Manager won't file a complaint for me

I dont know we're to start on this and this may just become a ramble that gets buried just like my attempts to resolve this issue with Best Buy and the manufacturer up to this point.  The day before Christmas I purchase several last minute gifts, one of which was a $160 microphone for my step son.  The following morning the kids open their presents.  When I say open I mean unwrap their presents.  We then had breakfast and immediately left to travel 4 hours to another state to visit the inlaws.  We spend the night at the inlaws and wake up the following morning to travel 4 hours to another part of our home state to drop the kids off at their dad's house.  His house is one hour from our house as well.  The kids spend the following 2 weeks with their dad.  We then pick them back up on 1/10, and this is were the Best Buy scheming begins.  Now Best Buy says outside of 15 days you need to take the problem to the manufacturer and not them.  We did not know this at the time but that is exactly what we did.  We tried for 2 weeks to make contact with the manufacturer with zero luck.  We received no call backs or emails back to trouble shoot the issue.  This now puts us roughly around 1/24.  At this point I didn't have the receipt so I thought it was a lost cause.  I then saw an email  the following week in my junk folder that was sent on 1/15 asking if I would like to leave a review on this item.  I took the opportunity to leave a review expressing my frustration with the product and noticed that it had my purchase date in the email.  So another week later I am near a Best Buy (closest Best Buy from me is an hour) so I swing in and say hey I bought this then can't find my receipt but this email shows my purchase date can I use that to return the broken product.  This is the first time the 15 day return is thrown into my face.  So knowing customer service in the store is as low level as it gets I figure I'll call into the corporate number.  I call in and get someone I can barely understand and have to repeatedly ask what she said adding to my frustration.  I explained everything again and get the 15 day return thrown into my face again.  At this point I don't care about a refund, Best Buy has officially burnt a bridge with me and I will go elsewhere for all appliances and electronics from here on out.  Best Buy you just lost more than I did, congrats on exceptional customer service.  I then ask to speak with the her manager that at this point I just want to file a complaint.  The manager gets on and I have to tell the story again.  Again the 15 day return was thrown in my face and this time it clicks, wait a minute I did do that.  I didn't know I was suppose to but I did contact the manufacturer.  I state this and now after a brief silence I'm told we'll if you would have contacted us 3 days out side of the 15 days we could have helped you.  So now I'm being told instead of contacting the manufacturer like the policy that's been thrown in my face numerous times states, that I should've contacted them instead.  So i then let the manager know I just want to file a report that I dont care about the money she refuses to file a report.  The funny thing is leading this she kept telling me all all could do was file a report.  So i have to question if these people you call actually process anything beyond them or just brush everything under the rug and no one is any wiser.  This is downright absurd, its $160 item I don't care, my next $2k TV will be bought online, my appliances will be bought at home depot or lowes, my gaming and pc devices online as well.  I do not want a refund I just simply want a complaint filed.
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Re: Manager won't file a complaint for me



Looks like there is a part missing, the one that explains that the item was defective or something... I'm not sure why there are so many contacts with Best Buy. They're a retailer. They have a return policy. If something's wrong, you can return the item. If the issue is discovered after the return window, you have to rely on manufacturer's warranty. It is 15 days. It's not to insult you personally or anything, everyone has the same return window (except Elite and Elite Plus Members that have 30 or 45 days).


As far as report or complaint, I'm not sure what the point is. Best Buy hasn't done anything outside the policy. A corporate expects them to follow their policy. A manager heard your concerns. What else are you hoping to accomplish?



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Re: Manager won't file a complaint for me

Hey, Givemesomelager,


Thanks for reaching out to us on the forums. I'm sorry to hear that you were unable to return your microphone, and had a difficult time getting in contact with the manufacturer regarding this. That certainly is never our intended outcome when we sell a product, and I apologize for any inconvenience.


It sounds like you are wanting to file a complaint regarding this experience. I would be happy to file this at our corporate campus. Please send us a private message with the following:


Your full name

Order number

Email address

Phone number

Best Buy store(s) you visited to get a resolution here


Once I can get that information form you, I can get started on filing this. Looking forward to hearing from you!




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