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Make An Employee Complaint

Where can I go if I need to submit a formal complaint about a store employee?
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Re: Make An Employee Complaint

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Thanks for joining us here on the community forums. Although, I wish it were under better circumstances. This is never the kind feedback we like to hear. I would love to document your complaint here at Best Buy Corporate and try to help any way I can. Please send a private message with your:


Full name

Phone number

Email address



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Re: Make An Employee Complaint

Sure no problem. Should I send my info in a DM?

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Re: Make An Employee Complaint

Yes it should be in private message. Normally Best Buy mods have a button you can click on their postings to directly go there. 


Here is a direct link you can use to send them a private message for the time being



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Re: Make An Employee Complaint

Thanks I have sent a private message.

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Re: Make An Employee Complaint

There are two employees that are huge problems that I'm about file a lawsuit against them to get rid of them. I want to make a report or reports for a doctor to have against them for court. Cussing out minors , putting hands on customers!, harrassing customers . The unfathomable disgust and no attempt to stop this . It's a business they should be in jail let alone removed and fired and never allowed to work again. Jarvis the manager who harassed to say the least should be fired. This security guard next I forgot his name but he should be fired as well he has touched people with his hands and cussed at a minor . I want them fired or removed and I'm going to court to have this happen. It's not just principle it's theyre criminals .they're not fit to be in a work setting let alone civilization. I want to have someone look into or contact headquarters and let them look at tape for March 15 2023. They will find interesting footage of this guy yelling at a minor and putting their hands against someone. The problem is the securotu I'd under a false allegation to keep someone out of the store and where thst person is allowed to go under other managers ok snd this Jarvis manager is one of the main disaster managers who has harrased me before based off of an argument in the past this has created a past grudge for this immature inappropriate worker to even be here and while he's there he indecency discriminates against people and tries to not allow people in there. And goes against his other managers instructions and decides against what they have already confirmed which is to allow people in there when it confirmed by him. It's sad and pathetic and it won't be tolerated. I am about to start a case against them. For something simple to be harrassed by some low worker who's bothering people and cussing at customers and makes pretty a lot of customers mad ,I know I ve seen it as I used to go that store but now I dont becsuse of the ruined experience by them , btw I'm comp Sci I deal with tech daily, so best buy it's fun but it's part my job, and regardless of the situation this idiot main focus to be in the disrupting everything talking negatively to customers and being torturous to anyone's time being there while talking to him during his period, of patheticness when he talks to customers like that. He's tries thst anywhere else while he has cameras and not wearing a uniform I guarantee he won't say what he's been saying. This idiot deserves to be monitored to see how he acts and then get fired fined and jailed in that order. This guys waking around freely acting like a maniac talking to ppl the way he does and no one's doing anything. I'm about to if no one else will. The securoty guard is another story. This worker was getting physical with me and even threatened me AND sorry to mention but he's done this at anothwr best buy at anothwr city nearby .yes the same guysecuroty guard threatened at another store and is lucky he'd not fired from that. This guy did this at anothwr store and then now this store. No lawsuit . Fired . Done. I want you to look into it. And have him fired immediately. 03/15/2023 that video will show him yelling at minor. And outright coming at a customer . Whoever hires these incompetent idiots needs to rehire.
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Re: Make An Employee Complaint

Hi, Tjuliana1991,


Welcome to our Forums! We appreciate you taking the time to contact us here. I would definitely be upset at the interaction you described. I'm happy to record this incident here at corporate and contact the appropriate parties to look into this. I do need some additional information from you in order to do this. Would you please send a Private Message with your name, phone number, and email? 


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