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Macbook Pro Return Question

I am new to the forum but have a question. i purchased a macbook pro on June 6th 2019 and am a Elite member currently. I tried to return the computer for a different version but was past my 30 days by a few days.  Does anyone know if I can contact someone to see if a return to purchase a different computer from Best Buy is still possible. Everyone at Best Buy has been very helpful with the purchase and information. I just decided on a different version if possible. Any help is appreciated. 




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Re: Macbook Pro Return Question

It is always very exciting to get a new computer.  


At the end of the day it is still a used computer and Best Buy would have to then sell it as open box which would reduce the price significantly.  


Your best bet may be to try and sell the computer you originally purchased and see how much you can get for it and then purchase the model you want. 

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