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Lost customer today, oh well.



I guess you could have considered me a longtime Best Buy customer untill today that is.  The bad thing is the problem that I was faced with didn't originate inside the Best Buy store, it with a coupany  Best Buy contracts with.


Best Buy Location:


Best Buy

1980 Griffith Road

Winston Salem, NC 27103




Around 10:45am EST


Went to this location today to order an Acer - XF270H 27" monitor. SKU# 6096600.  I have purchased this monitor in the past at the same store location and found it to be a great monitor for my needs. Wanted to pick a second on to replace a smaller monitor in my streaming setup. Best Buy currently has this monitor listed on clearance and for the price it's a great deal.


Went to customer service to place the order, and when working with the sales associate I informed her I was to be paying with a check, and that there might be a issue with it.


Issue is Best Buy contracts with Telecheck for their check needs.


Back in December 2020 I went to the same Best Buy to purchase a Blue Yeti X microphone. Tried to pay in check and the check was declined. I turned around and made the purchase with a credit card because 1. I was in need of the mic, and 2. They had one and during that time it was just about impossible to find anyone with this mic in stock.


Well, as things turn out Telecheck again refused the check payment. Best Buy customer service representative gave me the Telecheck phone number and I called them, once while inside the store, and again in the parking lot. Second Telecheck person told me there was nothing showing against my checking account, it was I didn't have a check profile based with Best Buy. Their solution to this was to make severial small purchases on different days while paying with a check to create a profile .After informing Telecheck that this was foolish they asked to talk with a store employee. I informed them I was in the parking lot and it would take me a minute to return to the inside of the store. Telecheck hung up.


I returned inside the store and asked to speak with the manager on duity. I informed him what had transpired in this purchase attempt. He gathered the original employee that had tried to place the order and they tried to run the check once more. This time when the employee made the phone call she wrote down a reference number and the Telecheck phone number once again. I refused to call Telecheck for a third time. Wished them both a good day, and informed I would never shop Best Buy again.


I realize both the manager and the store employee were both following the rules that Best Buy has setup. They were both courteous and respectful while doing their jobs. Telecheck lost both this sale and customer. Best Buy however contracts with Telecheck and therefore Telecheck repersents Best Buy when people are making purchases by check.


Check with Consumer Affairs on Telecheck's complaints, you will find that many people have run into the same problem I did today. For an electronic supplier like Best Buy to be using an outdated concept like Telecheck you should post on your doors "No Checks Accepted".


Now that I have vented here I off to place an order with NewEgg for the same monitor, and to post todays events on as many social media sites as I possibly can.


Have a great day!

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Re: Lost customer today, oh well.

Good morning, SimRacer_64,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on our community forums and letting us know about your recent experience with this purchase. Your feedback is important so we can continue to make the purchasing experience as easy as possible.


I'm disappointed to hear that this experience will impact your future purchasing decisions. I hope we have another opportunity to assist you with a purchase again. If you need help at that time, please don't hesitate to let us know. We'll be happy to see how we can help.


AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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