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Lost Package/Replacement

Hello, I recently made a purchase of a desktop computer costing over $1,300, it was being shipped through by FedEx, I was supposed to receive the package on 4/10, but the driver never came by and I waited Monday, I even called in work just to make sure I can get my computer safely, again driver never showed up and I never got my package. I waited until the inital delivery that was 4/12, when it was for sure supposed to be delivered BUT AGAIN the driver never showed up, by this point I did not get any tracking updates where the package may be until that night 4/12 that it was being delayed. 


I called FedEx customer support for the next two days to get any update on the location of my package, at this point they had escalated it and I was told it was still at the shipping warehouse and I should receive it within the next 3 days.  I waited, and recieved a text it was delivered  monday 4/11 at 5PM, but as I mentioned before I called in work, and was home all day and did not see a driver come by to drop off my package, I called again to see what was happening and to tell them I did not receive my package at all and was confused what was going on, I was told by the customer service representative at the time  he had escalated my case again, and should recieve a call from someone from upper managment for an update. Never got that call, and I was frustrated at this point and I called FedEx Customer Serivce again today if they had ANY update at all where my package is. The customer representative looked into my case and told me the package was lost, they could not locate it and that Best Buy would need to file a claim. I call Best Buy customer support, and the representative who helped me said he could get me a replacement, and I should receive it by tuesday 4/26 which I greatly appreciate,he also stated that I should get any email confromation soon about this said replacement.


I still haven't gotten that email confirmation, I'm sure there's a process this needs to go through since it was a big purchase. My question is do I file a claim, or would you guys, Best Buy, file the claim yourself to FedEx in order for me to get my replacement promptly? Is there any thing I need to do at all in order for this to go smoothly, and when would I get that email confirmation about my replacement package? 


I'm upset about this whole situation, and would just like to get my computer asap without any hassles and having to wait several more days.


Thank you!

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Re: Lost Package/Replacement

Hey there, jocelinr,


Thank you reach out to us here on our Forums. I wish your visit was under better circumstances, we do appreciate you taking the time out of your day to send us this message. It's never ideal when unexpected delays are encountered on any major purchase, so I certainly understand your urgency with getting this matter resolved. I can gladly look into this for you and see if whoever you were working with was able to replace the item in question. So I may, can you Private Message us with your full name, phone number, and email address, as well as the order number? 


Thank you, 



Daniel|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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