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Lost Gift Card

I made a purchase a few months back and was issued a rebate in the form of gift cards. I moved and in the chaos seem to have misplaced the cards. According to the website I can call 1 (888) 716-7994 and recover the cards. However, the number doesn’t seem to work. So I called corporate at 1 (888) 237-8289 and was asked for the full gift card number of each card. The site says that if I have my original receipt and customer service pin (Which I do) that I can recover the cards. I mentioned this and asked: “How am I supposed to get the whole card number when the card is lost?” And she said that they’re not responsible for lost or stolen cards and that they can only help/prove that it’s my card if I have the full card number. I only have the last 4 of the cards on my receipt. But I have the customer service pin from the receipt (which according to the site is all I need). I also have an account with Best Buy and can verify my account ID on the receipt/cards. So does the website just not contain all of the requirements to replace a lost gift card? Or can I still make an attempt to recover my gift cards with the information that I do have? Thanks!
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Re: Lost Gift Card

Hello, @CPew


We wanted to take a moment to send you over a post we’ve recently made which may answer your question. 


If after reading you still need assistance, please follow the steps found in the link below. 


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