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Looking to file a complaint

I received an email today from Best Buy saying I can get up to $400 dollars for a trade in on my phone towards the new XS/XS Max, so I figured I would jump on it. I call my local store (4413 Birkland Pl Easton, PA 18045) and ask if I owed X amount on my current phone (which the trade in value was higher than what I owed) will the gift card pay it off? I went through this a couple times with the guy on the phone just so everything was clear. I wipe my phone clean and factory reset it, take off the screen protector, box it up in its original box with original everything and drive to the store. I get there, go to the mobile counter and they tell me they can't do it. They give me this whole run down about how you have to 100% pay off a phone before you trade it in (i've been trading in phones to best buy for years, never once have I heard this). When I explained that I called and asked multiple times and was told what I was trying to do was perfectly fine, they pushed blame onto another store that supposedly answered the call. I called the number associated with the Easton store, I did not call the number associated with the store the blame was pushed onto. I don't know about you, but I value my time and resources. I did everything I could to prepare my phone for trade in to speed the whole process up like taking off the 45 dollar (at the time) glass screen protector that was perfectly fine (since they take it off when you trade it in anyway). I ended up having to buy a brand new screen protector to replace it ($35 now) because your employees are uneducated and give out false information that wasted my time and money. Mobile told me to take my complaint up with corporate, so when I asked the manager for the corporate phone number I got a cocky smile and "we don't have corporate number, get it off google". I get back home, go through the whole process of setting up the phone that I wiped, and call the listed corporate number on google. The person I spoke to had 0 information to help and told me to go back to the store and speak to the manager (which I did and got told to get corporates number off google). When asked for corporate number to file a complain again, I was told there is no such thing and that I have to file the complaint on Best Buy website. Maybe I am stupid but I couldn't find a single place on the website that gives me the option to file a complaint against a store or anything best buy related. A quick google search shows that the only option I have is to post on this forum. I hope a bunch of wrong information and false promises don't come out of this either as I have spent over $3000-$4000 dollars at best buy last year and achieved elite plus membership, after tonights run around of consistently wrong information most/all of my business will be dealt with elsewhere.

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Re: Looking to file a complaint

Hi, dreamchasin,

Thanks for joining the Best Buy Community forums. I’m sorry that you’re joining us under such poor circumstances.

I apologize that the folks you spoke with on the phone didn’t give you the correct information about how the trade-in program works. Any phone traded in will need to be paid off fully before we can accept it. I’m sorry about the poor experience you had in the store with the manager when trying to discuss this.

I’d like to take a closer look into this. If you could please send me a private message by using the link in my signature, I’d appreciate it. I’d need your name, email address, phone number, and the customer service PIN from the bottom of the receipt where you bought the new screen protector. If you can provide the phone number you called when you got that inaccurate information, that would help as well.


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