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Local Stores phone systems are disabled (VA and MD)

After looking into purchasing an open box 77 LG GX, I attempted to call my local store to ask critical questions about the conditon, accessories, etc.


Well... I got this pre-recorded message when I dialed the number: "This location is not accepting calls at this time"


Thinking it was a fluke, I called another, and then another... well 14 stores later it appears there was some deicision made by district or corporate to kneecap the local phone numbers.


I tested live chat to see if they had a back door to a store. after 4 chats, none were able to make contact. They recommended I call the 1-800 number.


So i took it a step further and tested thast system. None of the reps (tried 7 occasions) were able to answer my inquiries. I tested the system for various thing a customer may call about


- A product in store for repair, looking for updates

- Calling ahead to confirm pick up

- Calling about an open box item

- Calling about an order for pickup

- Calling about an inatallation

- Calling about a repair

- Calling about a store manager


all of these inquiries categorcally roadblocked All levels of customer serivce tiers from helping


All recommended calling the local store! NONE of them were aware the phone systems had been disabled!


One rep, who of course will go unnamed was beside herself, and gave me a corporate level (non generic) email.


This is a HUGE red flag for a company the size of BB. I have worked in AV retail for two decades. Myer Emco, Circuit City, Tweeter, and now a local family owned business.


I have never encounterd a company of any size that has disabled the local phone system, except for Tweeter, when two days before they declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, the phones stopped working.


Would love a direct and honest repsonse form corporate. This is not good for customer support across all levels.