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LG TV purchased in Best Buy

I bought LG 43 inches TV from Best Buy couple of months back after checking the specification in the Best buy website thoroughly. It clearly said that HDMI (ARC) option as 'Yes', beliving Bestbuy i bought the TV and now struggling to connect the sound bar. There is no HDMI (ARC) option as mentioned in the advertisement because of which i'm not able to connect sound bar. I spoke to best buy customer care representative on call and she don't have any idea what i'm explaining and the person keeps saying she can't help. After continously explaining, she want's me to pay $199 for someone to take care of this. Investing more than $250 and beliving best buy specification, the representative answer is 'she can't help' or she want me to pay more for someone to have a look. Also she want me to check with LG if i dont take this option. Why should i check with LG for the advertisement specification provided by Bestbuy. Really Really disappointing. Done with Best buy!!!