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Kindle Oasis

My husband bought a Kindle Oasis for me for Christmas.  It has frozen up 3 times now and this last time we cannot get it to come back on, reset, or do anything.  There is a book "advertisement" on the screen and it has been there for approximately 3 weeks now.  We have googled Amazon Kindle support and done everything we have been told to try.  I finally resorted to taking it back to BEST BUY, since that is where it was purchased.  The young girl at the counter tried her best to do what she knew to help, but her knowledge was, understandably, very limited.  She then took it to one of the GS people, who pushed the same button we had pushed 100 times, handed it back to me and said there wasn't anything he could do and that we would have to go through AMAZON to get more help, which I have now done.  My husband and I are VERY unhappy with the service we received from Best Buy and ultimately, the Geek Squad person.  I was literally in and out of the store in less than 10 minutes!!  THAT IS NOT good customer service!!  My husband spent approximately $280 on this item and I haven't had it but approximately 2 months before it has frozen up and become completely useless!  TERRIBLE!!  And to be told there is "nothing more he could do" was an insult!!! After experiencing this awful customer serivce, we won't be making any purchases from BEST BUY in the future!  This is a travesty!!  Shame on you BEST BUY!!!!

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Re: Kindle Oasis

Good afternoon, lisaprivett,


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Best Buy forum to tell us about your experience. I am obsessed with my own Kindle (though I haven’t yet upgraded to an Oasis), and certainly understand it would be more than a little frustrating to be unable to read the books you love.


Regarding service offered in your local store, Best Buy strives to provide excellent service, so if you feel that didn’t happen I’m quite disheartened. That being said, while Geek Squad agents can assist with many technology issues, some products are not easily repaired in stores. Best Buy does offer a Geek Squad Protection Plan (GSP) on the Kindle Oasis, currently, but it appears that service is a product replacement plan (GSP-R). You can learn more about Product Replacement on our website here.


While I understand this isn’t the answer you were hoping for, as you were past the Return & Exchange Promise, if you did not have a GSP for your Kindle, then the agent in store would be correct that your best option for assistance would be to speak to Amazon regarding further service under their one year manufacturer warranty. I’m glad to hear that you were able to follow the agent’s advice and seek assistance from Amazon. Please do let me know how that goes.


If there is something else that I can assist with here, don’t hesitate to reach out. Either way, I hope sometime in the future you change your mind and come back and have a better experience. Thank you again for your feedback about your experience.



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