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Just Received this ... Possible SCAM

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     Hi! Just received this email. Figured it was a scam but wanted to post on here so no one else will fall for it.



Thank you for choosing Geek squad, we are reaching out to remind you that your Geek squad Annual Maintenance Service is expiring on May 27, 2021.
We would thank you for the completion of the 24-month maintenance plan.
We will auto-renew your plan and charge $ 496.96 against your account.
We understand that you are busy hence could not get through to you when we tried to contact you.
Geek squad
Grand Total: $ 496.96
Order ID: 
{removed per forum guidelines}

Customer ID: {removed per forum guidelines}
If you have any query or you would like to cancel this subscription, please contact our Customer Service - +{removed per forum guidelines} or + {removed per forum guidelines}.
©? 2021 US Geek squad
Customer Service


I called the phone numbers listed above and it is not a business line. Thanks for your time.

Sandie {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Just Received this ... Possible SCAM

Yes, definite scam.  Hopefully when you called you did not provide any details to the scammers.  

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Re: Just Received this ... Possible SCAM

I got the same email today, theyre starting this scam up again. The number isnt valid and the email it is from is a gmail generic. Its a phishing scam so dont click any links or call them. Block the sender.
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Re: Just Received this ... Possible SCAM

Hello, Sandie!


Thank you for joining our online community and posting for support, although I hate to hear about the alarming email you received. I know how concerning this would be, as the customer service number does not appear to be associated with Best Buy or Geek Squad in any way. Going forward, I recommend avoiding following any direction outlined within future emails like this that you may receive.


If you haven't done so yet, I would double check your Best Buy account and credit card information just in case. Should you need to speak with the legitimate Geek Squad, you can do so at (800) 433-5778. More information about how to protect yourself online can be found here.


We really appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention, and we're here if you need additional support with any matter.



Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Just Received this ... Possible SCAM

When I called there was no answer it seemed as if it was just regular cell number not a business. Definately did not give any private information or click on any links. 


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Re: Just Received this ... Possible SCAM

I received a similar email two days ago, and immediately reported this to Best Buy Customer Service. I was informed to send this obvious Phising Email to the following email address:
I did not call any of the numbers listed, and deleted the email immediately...
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Re: Just Received this ... Possible SCAM

I just got this email. Yeah, like I'm going to click on any link and change my password. Not a chance. btw, I was able to sign in just fine... 




Please use this code to reset your password.

, we've received multiple unsuccessful requests to reset your password on®.

For your protection, your account has been locked and any stored credit card information has been deleted.

To unlock your account: Please return to the webpage where you made the request, then enter the verification code we have included here to reset your password.

Your Best Buy Customer Care Team


Verification Code:

This code will expire 2 hours after it was created.
If you didn't request this verification code, we recommend that you you reset your password now.
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Re: Just Received this ... Possible SCAM

Please use the info here


To report any scams.

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