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Issue with returned order

Hello, I preorder the movie Heavy metal(34.99). After preordering the movie, Best Buy had a 20% off sale for purchasing 2 or more movies. So I purchased the movie again(27.99) with 8 other movies. I tried to cancel the first order(34.99) but the Best Buy system was not letting me, so I returned the movies once it was release. I showed the Best Buy employee the receive for the first movie(34.99), he scanned the received and after asked for my phone number(they have never asked for it before for a return). Instead of completing the return for the first movie(34.99), he went to my other order of 8 movies, returned not only the discounted heavy metal(27.99) but all of the movies in that order and repurchased then and regular price. I didn’t notice that he change the return until I got my credit card statement and it didn’t show the 34.99 return, instead it was 0.43. Can someone fix the return please and thank you.
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Re: Issue with returned order


Hello, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting on our forums regarding your experience. Having issues with an order can be frustrating, and I can understand wanting this addressed. I'd like the chance to follow up on this and assist. To ensure we investigate all our available options to assist you. I will need to verify some information, could you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Customer Service Pin (located bottom of receipt) or Order Number


I'll keep an eye out for your message.




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