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Issue with Price match

I purchased a macbook pro recently and paid some portion of the bill using bestbuy gift certificate. I went to microcenter and saw the same model was selling for $100 less. So I used the chat feature to talk to the  customer service and told them there was another place selling it for less. He was helpful and said he can do refund because it was within the 60 days time period for total tech member. But seems like he was having some issue and he disconnected. Then I called this time and the person put me on hold for 25 minutes and call got disconnected. I called again and another person tried and he said he can't help. Then he connected me to a lady in IT and she also could not help because of the way the billing was done. She asked me to go to the store and the manager should be able to help.


Then I went to the store and the store manager denied the request. They said they didn't apply the gift certificate due to some technical issue with the system, instead applied the certificate amount as discount. The salesperson who was checking me out called the customer service to make this sale because he was not able to use the gift certificates. The gift certificates had more than 1 month remaining for expiration.


Due to the way the bill was generated the manager said he cannot do price match. The manager also said they did me a favor by giving me a discount. If the gift certificates sent by bestbuy are unable to use due your system issue, how am I responsible? The store manager went on to say I never had gift certificates and they gave me a discount out of no where. He said somebody else might have used the gift certificates. I remember the gift certificates were removed from my account within few hours of this purchase.


I have spent more than $8000 in the last 7-8 months with elite status on total tech member. I wasn't sure if the macbook purchase was eligible for price match since it was over 30 days but I was told since I am total tech member the price match eligibility was for 60 days. I was very impressed with the benefits of total tech membership but this experience has left me rethink about any future purchase.