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Interest fee of $825

Hi, I'm new of this forum and I wanna get opinion and suggestion what do I do.? My bestbuy credit card has been charge of $825 interest fee because they said I have promotional balance etc.etc... I just wondering how come that I haven't paid in full my promotional if I'm enrolled at auto pay since I got the promotional..? I thought its scam interest but after I called the customer service its legit interest fee from my previous promotional . I talked to one of the agent and transfer to one of the manager they said they cannot waived my interest fee... is there any option to remove my interest fee.. its very high. Its pandemic and I just work partime coz my kiddos.. pls pls pls any advice or option to waive my interest fee. Thankyou
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Re: Interest fee of $825

Depends on what you set up your auto pay to do.  If you only pay the minimum payment, you won't pay it off by the expiration date of the promotion.  


If you have muultiple purchases on the card, let say after your promotional purchase you make a standard purchase (not on a promotion) in order to get rewards points.  This, being a balance that will accrue interest, will cause your payment to be applied differently and not to the promotional balance.  The only way to apply it differently is to notify Citibank you want it applied differently, otherwise it follows the requirements of the Credit CARD Act of 2009.


When you spoke to an agent and manager, did you call Citibank at 1-888-574-1301?  The Best Buy Credit Card is fully operated by them, so they would be the best to contact in regards to the interest fees.  Best Buy has limited visibility and no access to your account to assist.

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Re: Interest fee of $825

One thing - Minimum Payments are a suggestion and I believe Best Buy does suggest reccomended monthly payments with their card, although these payments can fluxuate depending on the cost of the item. Generally you should make at least an equal payment divided by the total and the amount of months you have to pay the item.


As  jdogg836 suggests and I've seen this at checkout, you have a choice with the BBY card to get mega points or you can get the interest free promo.


At this time calling Citi Bank / Best Buy card servicing would be best to help you.

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Re: Interest fee of $825

Hey, Analyn,


Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Best Buy Forums. I'm sorry to hear that you had a recent surprise charge on your card! I can certainly understand reaching out to get some assistance with this.


Please know, Citibank, N.A. is the issuer of your My Best Buy credit card account. We are unable to access your account to review this with you, but we ask that you contact Best Buy Credit Card support through Citibank at (888) 574-1301 for further assistance.





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Re: Interest fee of $825

Hello. I tried to called that number and i talked to agent and the manager they said they can do nothing, the manager can't remove or waive my interest fee bcoz its over 3months... I just saw the interest fee last Monday and I have no idea that I been charge 3months ago... pls any option to waive my fee? I'm so stress right now..
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Re: Interest fee of $825

Jdogg836 hello, I put more than minimum to my autopay and your right I bought some purchases but I have no idea that will cause my payment to be applied differently and not to the promotional balance. I'm shocked that I been charged.i called that number and they told me they can do nothing sighhh... pls any help and option to waive my fee.
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Re: Interest fee of $825

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