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Insignia Fire TV

I ordered an Insignia Fire Tv through Amazon on Feb 27, 2023 and this order would be processed out of Best Buy.  When it arrived on Mar 3rd it was missing the screws necessary to attach the legs to the TV.  I had to go through the process of returning because Insignia was unhelpful and incompetent.  I received a replacement on Mar 9th and the same issue was there only this time there was ONE screw included.  Best Buy told me I had to contact Amazon to get a refund and Amazon told me I had to contact the seller.  It was one big circle race.  Additionally it seemed as though the TV sent to me a second time had already been returned and shipped again.  The styrofoam inside was broken and there was hair attached to the tape that was used to seal on of the instruction pages closed, but this was also not sealed.  I was supposed to be contacted by Best Buy about this within an hour of making my complaint but this did not happen.  I will never purchase another Insignia product again after this experience and I am really not that happy with the customer service I received from Best Buy either.  At least Amazon went through the motions of trying to resolve the issue and did not treat me scandulously on the phone call.

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Re: Insignia Fire TV

Hi, Bloodwynd71,


Welcome to our Forums. We appreciate you reaching out to us here. I know it's disappointing to get a new TV and it's missing the screws. It takes the excitement out of a new purchase really quickly. I'm happy to look into this for you and see what options are available for you. Please send a Private Message with your name, phone number, and email so I can assist where possible.


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