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Incorrect Price Match

On August 29th, I purchased an 85" Sony Bravia TV for $2,769.99 ($2,936.19 after tax). A couple days later the TV was delivered, and then a day later I noticed the TV on sale on BestBuy's website for $2,469.99.


I called the BestBuy phone number to get a price match and the agent noted that I will be receiving $318 back (as I should) and that because it is over $250, it will have to get approved by another department within 24 hours. The next day I receive an email that I am getting a refund of $286.20.  Obviously this is incorrect and this is because the approver looked at the regular BestBuy price of $2,499.99 and not the MY Best Buy MEMBER price of $2,469.99.


I am therefore owed another $31.80 to receive the full refund.


Since then, I have been fighting with the support over the phone to get assistance.  Here is a log of my calls so far:


1. I was hung up on by a support agent.

2. This agent to told me that I needed to be forwarded to a supervisor. When I was forwarded, the automated system said that the phone line is busy and I was hung up on.

3. This agent argued with me that my math is wrong and that I am only owed $13 and not $31.80.  He became very irritated with me telling me that I do not know how to do math. Only after 20 minutes of arguing over math did he realize that he was not taking tax into account correctly. (Note that I have a PhD in machine learning and statistics so I believe that my math is very proficient.  Even if I were not proficient, this was very unprofessional in any capacity.)

3. This time I asked to be forwarded to a supervisor immediately.  I have a call log that I spent 45 minutes on the phone with this "supervisor" being put on hold repeatedly.  They promised me that they see the problem and that they promise to resolve it for me.  (Note that this was September 4, 2020 and it is now September 11, 2020.)  I have not received an email confirmation or anything on my credit card.

4. I called today, September 11, 2020, and the agent told me that this would be resolved...but what guarantee do I have?


At this point, this is ridiculous. As somebody that used to shop frequently at BestBuy and even worked for the company 10 years ago now while I was getting my education, this is beyond ridiculous.  I have moved a lot of my purchases over to Amazon, but I decided to give BestBuy a chance on this TV....only to be dissapointed again.


Can anybody help me with this?  My next step is to file a chargeback on my credit card for this $31.80 that I am rightfully owed.


(Note that the sale price is not currently shown for me...probably because I have been fighting this for two weeks now.)

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Re: Incorrect Price Match

Hello, fdabek,


Thank you for reaching out about this, and for providing the details of your experience. The Price Match Guarantee is designed to benefit our customers. We appreciate you being a loyal patron, and it is important to us that these requests are executed properly. If there was an error with the price match, we would love the opportunity to make things right, or confirm this has already been taken care of.


To get started, please send a Private Message. For verification purposes, we will need to confirm your full name, email address, and telephone number. When convenient, please send those details over.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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