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I’m being investigation by Best Buy for returns

so I've been told that I can no longer make major purchases that Has to be delivered that I can make small purchases in store like a camera or such that I can carry outside that I was being investigated has fraud for too many returns I have tried numerous times to contact corporate office I was given a number by Frank who is a store manager saying that was corporate stood on the phone three hours yesterday believing The people I was talking to was in  Corporate  after all was said and done 3 hr later I was told no just there  customer service line I would like to get to the bottom of this once and for all two things needs to happen here I need refund on gift cards that I have that I was going to use for future purchases of items that cannot be carried out of the store that's not why I have them and I need a full explanation of me being investigated for fraudI  if I was returning things and getting money off of them  that would be a legitimate reason for an investigation  but I was returning damaged stuff that was on usable like the stove y'all left here that was leaking gas and we could've blown up and like to refrigerator that looked used and stained if anything I should investigated y'all for all the damage products you're bought to deliver to my house and the type of people y'all send out to deliver your products Best Buy used to be a great company they had great service team I can no longer say that they have definitely went to the dogs your delivery people had also damaged my flooring when I called to put a complaint with the delivery company they said that they would have to tell their delivery drivers who I was while they were so scary looking did I said no ma'am I will not do that because I'm scared they will retaliate against me that's the kind of people Best Buy sends out to deliver your merchandise Thugs

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Re: I’m being investigation by Best Buy for returns

Good afternoon, Maryr,


Welcome back to our forums.  Please know that our Support Forums are moderated out of our Corporate Headquarters here in Minnesota, so while it’s disappointing to hear it took so long to get to this point, you’ve certainly come to the right place. 


As it sounds like you’re aware, Best Buy does reserve the right to cancel an order placed through at any time after your order is placed.  We may impose these limits on a per-person, per-household, per-order or any other basis.  We list this information on Best Buy’s Terms and Conditions.  If you’ve been informed we’ll no longer be accepting orders from you through, please know this is not a decision we’ll be able to reverse.


In regards to the gift cards in question, please know we’ll be unable to offer you a refund for them in the form of cash, or your credit card.  This is outlined in the terms and conditions of our Best Buy gift cards, which you’ll find here.



SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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