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How to get my refund????

I was issued a refund check on 1/6/23 for a cancelled service plan (because the $6000 microwave/oven combo unit never worked). I was told the check was mailed to me but I never received it. I have called more than 10 times following up and informing Best Buy I never received the check and it needs to be reissued.  Everytime the agent sends a message to the back office and everytime the back office says "the check waas mailed."  I ask if a reeplacement check was issued and they say no but they a check was mailed on 1/6/23.  Then the agent says "I'll send another message to back office", this exact scenario has happened for 10 weeks!!!! How do I get a replacement check or a credit to my credit card? I am not sure if they even ever sent out a check in the first place. They cannot even tell me a check number or a date it was cut.  PLEASE HELP

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Re: How to get my refund????

Hello, jennairbroke,


Welcome to our online community.


We appreciate you reaching out to our community Forum for assistance with your refund. A refund check that has been lost is concerning, so I understand why you would want us to look into this for you. I’ll be happy to take a closer look into this matter and offer any additional assistance I can, however, I’m hoping you can provide me with a few pieces of additional information before I’m able to do so.  If you could use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature to send me:


Your first and last name

Your phone number

Your email address  

This should be enough for me to begin my research, and hopefully get you the assistance you’re looking for.





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