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How to escalate an issue to district and regional managers

I was in BB last week and had what I think to be the most disrespectful, humiliating, and embarrassing encounter in a retail establishment ever. And to make matters worse, a manager stood there and let it continue. I spoke to Justin (Colerain-Cincinnati Ohio store manager), and he didn't seem to be very surprised by my incident. He "assured" me that he would look into it. I wasn't convinced that any significant action would be taken. Now I want to escalate it to upper management. I know they aren't customer facing, but I think this will open some eyes, and maybe get some real change on how employees deal with customers. 
If anyone can help me with how to get this done, it would be much appreciated.

The situation is so bad that I'm even considering writing a letter and sending it to everyone on the board of directors. Starting with BB's Chairman J. Patrick Doyle.

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Re: How to escalate an issue to district and regional managers

Hello, nikfly9635,


I want to welcome you to the forums and thank you for reaching out to us here to let us know about your experience. What you're describing does not sound like the type of experience we want nor intend for our customers when visiting one of our locations, so I would like to learn more about this so that I can see about ensuring your voice is heard and the situation has been addressed. As a shopper myself, I can understand the need for an uncomfortable situation like this to be addressed. If you would, please send me a private message with details regarding your experience so that I can look into this further. In addition, please include your full name, phone number and email so that I may document this here on my end as well. This will allow me to be as thorough as possible.


To send that private message over, you can utilize the button below to the right of my name and I will get that. I'll keep an eye out for your response.


Kindest regards,

Keith M|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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