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How hard is it to re ring a sale

I called and asked if they could take off my taxes because i bought a computer on Wednesday and forgot it was tax free weekend the person i talked to said that wouldnt be a problem and they could do this. So i got in my wheelchair got in my car drove out to best buy. When i got there i asked if someone could come get my receipt so they could refund my taxes. I explained i bought my computer on Wednesdayc and forgot this was the tax free weekend. The lady on the phone said on no we cant do that. How hard is it to rering a sale and not charge tax. When i worked in retail it was pretty easy to do. I wouldnt mind so much if it werent for the 1st person i talked to who said it could be done. At least get your stories straight
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Re: How hard is it to re ring a sale

Tax-free items generally only include clothing, household, and lifestyle items. Since Best Buy doesn't carry clothes or most other non-technical items, the only items I remember being tax-free when I worked in the stores were generally just backpacks and similar products. I don't ever remember TVs, laptops, cameras, or phones being tax-free. If I had to hazard a guess, the employee with whom you spoke over the phone may have been misinformed.


If it was just a matter of forgetting your Tax Exempt Card, they may have been able to offer a different solution.


Best Buy Tax-Exempt Quick Card FAQs

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Re: How hard is it to re ring a sale

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Hello, Cruser01,

Congratulations on your new computer! I hope you are loving it. I love saving money when possible, tax-free weekend is a great way to do that on qualifying products. As @Sam15 mentioned, tax-free weekend is limited to products specified by your state. Computers are included in some states, and may need to also qualify based on the price of the computer. The main issue I see here is that your purchase was made on a Wednesday, and not on tax-free weekend.

While we can appreciate your request to have an adjustment made over the phone, an exchange would need to be completed in-store during your states specified tax-free weekend in order to qualify. As the phone representative mentioned, this isn't something we would be able to complete over the phone. Please also keep in mind that other exclusions may apply, based on your specific state.

All the best,



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Re: How hard is it to re ring a sale

I was at the store and called on my phone for them to come and get my receipt so that they could re ring the sale. I use a wheelchair and need assistance to get it out of my car. I wouldnt have even gone out to the store but i had called the 800 number and was told that it was not a problem and could easily could be done.