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How do I file a formal complaint?

Well, I'm in a state of disbeleif, and outrage...did Best Buy get bought out recently by some other corporation that has horrible customer service and no idea how to run a business?   I mean, one offs happen, but I have had nothing but bad after bad this week with Best Buy, which is weird, because I LOVE BEST BUY!


First, we went to our local store to buy an Occulus Rift and a gaming lap top...for some reason, Best Buy Stores don't actually have Occulus Rifts in their stores any of them, at least near me...and you have to order them online.  Also, there was only 1 store within a 50 mile radiu of me that actually had any of the laptops I was interested in in we had to drive an hour across town to pick up the "occulus ready" lap top.


I waited for my headset to show up, went about setting up my new lap top and Occulus, and it won't read the headset connected into the HDMI port..which is apparantley an issue with the computer...I have spent hours online reading and attempting all the fixes for this, and nothing works.  SO, I hit up geek squad online...the first agent wasn't even typing co-herant sentances to me, and there were so many spelling errors in the words I did recognize, and then he told me that his response to me was not meant for me, but that he got the chats confused basically (at least that's what I think he was trying to communicate), and after keeping me on the chat for 15 min, not helping me, just told me to take the computer to the nearest best buy store.  I disconneced with him and reconnected with a 2nd agent, who didn't even try to help, just said take the computer back.


I would love to, but that means I have to wait another week to get a different computer, because NONE OF THE BEST BUYS WITHIN 50 MILES OF ME ACTUALLY HAVE ANY OF THE OTHER COMPUTERS I MIGHT GET INSTEAD IN STOCK....


What is happening??????


Do they know that I can get all this stuff on Amazon with same day delivery for only a few more dollars, and just have been a loyal customer for years, because of the in store experience and awesome  customer service?  Why do they even still have stores if this is how they now operate?


If BB wants me to shop online instead of going through the store, no problem, it just won't be with them.


Sad face.



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Re: How do I file a formal complaint?

Welcome to the Best Buy forums, LadySquander,


It would certainly be upsetting to not see the technology you were looking for in the store’s nearest you, and I appreciate you letting us know about your most recent visits and chat conversations.  Although I cannot promise there would be another laptop in the areas around you that would work, I would encourage you to visit us in store to see if the Geek Squad can better assist you in person.


Please let us know how your visit goes with your local Geek Squad, if they’re not able to remedy the errors you’re receiving, I’m hoping the correct items can be ordered to make the headset work with your laptop!

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