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Horrible Store Experience Regarding Trade In

I visited store #1437 yesterday to trade in a copy of Rage 2 on Xbox One.  I didn't have the original case for the game, which the customer service rep, Amelia, told me was fine.  She said she could just look it up.  When she looked it up, she said they could only take the deluxe edition.  I pointed out to her that the only thing extra that comes with the deluxe edition is DLC codes, which you cannot sell secondhand.  We ended up getting a manager, AJ, involved.  I have had previous subpar customer service experiences with AJ stemming from when he was a customer service rep, and it always revolves around the trade-in process. 


He told me that the problem wasn't that Best Buy could only accept the deluxe edition; he said the issue was I didn't have the original case.  I pointed out to him that Amelia just said that she can just manually look up games without the original case.  He said that was wrong per company policy.  I then informed him that he has personally done trade-ins for me before without the original case, as that tends to happen when you give out promotional steelbooks and things of the sort.  Whenever I would try to explain to him my past experiences, he would try to talk over me.  I looked on my phone at the trade-in policy listed on your website, and couldn't see anything stating you require the original case for game trades.  I asked him where it says that in the policy.  He goes to a computer at the end of customer service, and just starts looking around there.  After over 5 minutes of waiting, I asked Amelia to just give me my game and ID back, and I would go.  I couldn't sit around forever waiting for him to find a policy that doesn't seem to exist since I had my 9 year old daughter with me and we had other things we had to go do. 


I feel like every time I've had a negative experience at this one store, AJ seems to be there.  It's like he always wants to try find a different way to not help me.  In a previous experience, he has tried to make up policies off the top of his head like "we don't do price adjustments for Gamer's Club Unlocked members" when I had bought a game that subsequently went on sale the following week.  When I called him out on that, he told me that we would do a price adjustment, but wouldn't allow me to get my GCU discount, which at the time was a paid membership.  It took me escalating to his manager at the time for him to properly ring me up.  The fact that he always seems to be at the core of my bad experiences leads me to believe he is not trained well, or just doesn't care much about his job.  Either way, I'm sure I am not the only person that has had a bad experience at this store, and I'm sure if you looked into it, you would find that he tends to be the common denominator in these complaints.  I am not that great at remembering faces and names, and the fact that I know him speaks volumes.

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Re: Horrible Store Experience Regarding Trade In

Hi, afarewelltoamrs, 

Welcome back to the Forums! 


We truly appreciate you taking the time out of your day and sharing your most recent experience in our store. It sounds like things didn't go as we hope when you visited to complete the Trade-In of your old video game, and for that I apologize. We always hope that our managers and supervisors handle every interaction with professionalism and a willingness to help. 


When you visit this store, have you had the change to speak to any of the leadership team about your experience? After looking at the roster for this location, I'm not noticing a leader by the name of AJ. There is always the option of emailing the leadership team directly at this store to express your concerns. You can find that email address on their Store page here, and by clicking on the E-mail Us button. 


We're here to do what we can to assist, and would love to help you perform this Trade-In that you had been interested in, as well as making sure that your experiences moving forward as enjoyable and without issue when you visit. 


Happy to help!

Cameron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Horrible Store Experience Regarding Trade In

Thank you for your response.  I have e-mailed them.  I will let you know if I encounter any further issues.