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Horrible Service

I brought the surface 6 for work a day ago (i live in NC but out here working in Texas) but wanted the surface 7. I went in to exchange my purchase I told the lady I wanted the surface pro 7 then she went to check came back with one in hand and said it will be at customer service when I'm ready to check out. I go to customer service and I was in line waiting 20 minutes. I finally get my turn and the guy starts to go through with my exchange for the surface pro 7. Then comes to an error he says hold on than 15 to 20 minutes later him and a manager comes back just to tell me that it's not available for purchase because the release date is tomorrow all along while im already resetting my surface pro 6 to be exchanged.

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Re: Horrible Service

If the products street date isn't available yet, the computer will not allow the associate to ring them out.  I do apologize this wasn't made aware to you and you waited in the store for a product that is set to release very soon! 

Head back to that location to see if there is one available when it's released. 

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