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Horrible Ruturn Policy and Staff Experience

Because I have been unable to be connected with someone who is able to help me, I have decided to post my concerns here.

I recently went to Best Buy to return an item I had purchased. I bought a converter for my trip to Europe that is supposed to step down the voltage from 220 to 120, so I can use different electrical items. I get all the way there to find that this converter does not work for all use cases and left me without one for my entire trip. When I get back to the States, I bring it in to Best Buy and am told that I could not return because the return period had expired. As I was talking to the employee in store, I mentioned that this return policy makes no sense and is not consistent with competition, but I was assured it was. When I looked up Best Buy’s greatest completion, I found that for items such as these, they have a 1/6 the time in their return policy. I understand that this employee could not help me myself, but do not lie to me. I ask to speak with a manager and am told they they will not be able to help me, but gave me the corporate line to discuss with them.

After calling that number, I spent another hour on the phone trying to get someone to help me. I first was directed to Returns who is unable to assist me, because it is a store matter (please remember the store sent me here). I asked to speak to a manager, but was told they were in a meeting an no one was able to assist me. (If nothing else, I hope you can realize how inconvenient it is to have all managers in a meeting during working hours.) I was then given a number of what was supposed to be a store district manager to talk with. Well, the number had been disconnected. I called back and was supposed to be connected with complaints, but ended up being connected with returns again. Here, I finally, after 45 minutes, got to discuss with a manager. Was again told to discuss with the store (who pointed me to them). When I got ahold of an operator with the so called “corporate line”, they told me that they have no contact with corporate and do not have a number for resource to help me, despite being the corporate number... What a waste of time! Do not bother calling their number for assistance. They have not been equipped with the tools for doing so.

I then tried to contact the store again to get in contact with a manager to discuss with their management my concerns. I have been told that their is no escalation path to management above the store level.

This has been such a disgrace and is disrespectful to your customers. I have always enjoyed Best Buy and am even an Elite member, but this has completely turned me off of ever shopping there again. The item I wanted to return needed to be take out of the US to work, and because of the tight window, I could not return it even when it didn’t work. The incompetence shown by the staff and the help line has floored me. If I would have been treated with some respect as the customer as we went along, I probably would have just let it go, but I just feel the need to point out that you have a long way to go with your customer service. I feel cheated and unimportant to the company and that is not behavior I wish to support. I am hoping that someone will read this post and be able to escalate my concerns, because customers have no way of doing that for themselves.
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Re: Horrible Ruturn Policy and Staff Experience

As printed on the receipt, Best Buy's return and exchange period is 15 days...with Elite getting 30 days and Elite Plus getting 45.  The 1-888-BestBuy number is our standard customer service number, with corporate having no direct contact as most are not in customer facing roles.  If you are seeking contact with corporate, the moderators here work at corporate and can look into your situation.  Be aware, though, that while they can act as a liason they ultimately are not set up to overturn the written policy.  


As for the length of the return period, most of our competition (including Wal-Mart) has dropped to 15 days on most electronics items.  This has to do with balancing returns/exchanges of defective or unwanted merchandise against the industrywide need to limit the number of "renters" who have no intention of keeping an item permanently.  You mention that the return period is 1/6 of the competition, which as an Elite Member would mean they offer a 6 month return policy.  I am genuinely curious which retailer that is.

I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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Re: Horrible Ruturn Policy and Staff Experience

While I am an elite member, this purchase did not end up under my account and therefore was told I was under the 15 day window.  Walmart is a great example of another company with a better return policy.  While they have restrictions on some of the major electronic purchases (computers, tablets, phones, etc.), most electronics can be returned with 90 days. This would include things like travel adaptors. I understand that my purchase did not fall into the majority of the items sold by Best Buy, but your policy does not keep with the competition at all for the smaller items.

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Re: Horrible Ruturn Policy and Staff Experience

You aren't required to shop at Best Buy however you will not find people in the store that can actually help you find what you're looking for and assist you with more technical questions.

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Re: Horrible Ruturn Policy and Staff Experience

Hello, User877656,


Traveling can be a lot of fun! We’re sorry to hear the converter you had purchased prior to your trip didn’t work out as you had hoped. Thank you for choosing Best Buy for your purchase and for sharing your experience with us.


Our Return & Exchange Promise does share that our Elite customers would have a 30 day return window. Additionally, our policy is noted on your purchase receipt and near the checkout. We’re sorry to hear that the item you had purchased may not worked as you intended it to while you were traveling and you’re outside of your Return & Exchange Promise now. We apologize if our store leadership team and our agents over the phone at (888) 237-8289 weren’t able to articulate that in a professional manner.


Can you please send us a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and purchase information? We’d be happy to review your request to double check under policy given that you believe it wasn’t properly linked your My Best Buy membership. A private message can be sent to us by choosing the blue button in my signature.



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