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Horrible Customer Experience - Empty Promise for Compensation

When I first purchased my Pixel 4a on 9/9/20, it was supposed to arrive within a few business days, However, the delivery day came and went, no phone. So I called customer service, they determined it was lost in shipping, and because there were no more Pixel 4a phones in stock, they told me I couldn't reorder the phone and the only thing they could offer me was a reimbursement. So they reimbursed the full amount, which was quickly issued.


The real problem started a few days later when I received an email that the phone was on its way, and yesterday (9/17/20) it arrived. I wanted to keep the phone, so I called customer service to repurchase it, and they said I had to go in-store to process my request. Additionally, I asked for compensation for my time, which they assured me could be given in-store when I purchased the phone. The customer service employee I talked with was very kind and thanked me for my honesty in calling about receiving my phone even though it wasn't paid for.


So I went into Best Buy today and re-purchased the phone, paying $10 more than I originally had due to taxes. The manager said they could not give me any compensation and that I had to call the 888 Best Buy number. So I did so upon returning home, only to find out that because my case was somehow not reported correctly, I cannot receive compensation.


After over 4 hours of my time spent on this problem, after paying even more than my original purchase due to taxes, and after receiving absolutely no compensation for my trouble even though it was promised, I am a very displeased customer.


Between all the customer service calls I made during this process and my time in-store, each employee I talked with was kind and apologetic, but there seems to be a great deal of confusion regarding customer compensation and even though I was ASSURED I would receive compensation, apparently the Best Buy system will not allow it.

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Re: Horrible Customer Experience - Empty Promise for Compensation

Hey, ryoung,


Thanks for sharing your experience and bringing this to our attention. While I’m disappointed to hear that your shipment seemed to go astray, I’m glad that it eventually arrived. While certainly not ideal, in the situation you describe, it does sound like the best way to resolve would be to re-purchase at your local Best Buy store since your original order had already been refunded. As far as I am aware, the price of the newest Pixel phone has not changed, so it sounds like there may be a difference in the tax rate between the city with your nearest Best Buy and the city where you live, as those locations would dictate what tax rate is applicable to each of those purchases. Best Buy is unable to change tax rates, but I’d love to look into your situation closer to see what might be possible going forward.


To get started, please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, original order number, and the customer service PIN from near the bottom of your store purchase receipt. When logged in on the forum from a PC, you should see the blue “Private Message” button next to my signature below this post.



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