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Have been trying to get customer service for a week - help

I have been trying to get customer service help for a week and I'm hoping posting to these forums is the magic key.


I purchased a freezer on May 30. The item was not in stock so delivery was scheduled for mid-July. In late June I got notice that the delivery date needed to be changed to a day *after* my scheduled delivery. I changed the delivery date, got confirmation, and then again got an email delaying delivery to the day after my newly scheduled date. At this point I called and was told there was a bug in the scheduling system. The customer service person juked something and set a new delivery date for the first week of July. When that date rolled around, I was notified that my freezer wasn't in the warehouse and that delivery needed to be rescheduled for SEPTEMBER.


Two outstanding issues:

1) My cc was charged as if the order has in fact been filled, which it has not

2) I don't understand why it's taking three months to get this item. I've confirmed with the manufacturer that they have plenty of stock of this item


I spent an hour on livechat yesterday (after getting no response to my FB DM) and got no useful response. I have been trying to call customer service but the wait times are 1-3 hours and I cannot sit on hold that long. I tried tweeting @bestbuysupport but no response.


This has become the worst applicance buying experience of my life and I'm hoping someone can help me finally via this forum.