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Half a year and my gift card still wont work

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Earlier this year I was gifted a gift card and tried to use it but it did not work. Called bestbuy said it must of been on my end because the card was showing up find. I saved the card now for when the xbox x was released. I was lucky got it in my cart but when I went to check out with my giftcard would work of course the xbox sold out but I called bestbuy and after chatting they said it would work next time. Console cones back in stock and of course card won't work this time said invalid bin. Call bestbuy and im told by first rep the card still has its balance but he can't help me because he only does physical gift cards and mine is digital. He transfers me to geek squad who say I'm in wrong department but they can transfer me. I'm transferred to main menu again where I get a rep who hangs up on me. I call back explain my situation and I'm told everything's fine you have a balance. I try and does not work, so transferred again to guess what someone who can't help. Put on hold and transferred. This time I'm told no problem they can help. He first argues I'm entering it wrong because it can't be the bin the card has a pin. I sensure him that the error message says invalid bin. Finally he puts be on hold and calls someone. He come back saying its being fixed but needs more time. Itscalready been almost an hour but I'm just happy its getting fixed. He comes back and says there is a problem with the gift card, its a valid card with a balance but needs to reissue it. The only thing is since the gift card was bought at a store different then bestbuy they can't give me a new one. I need to call where I bought it and tell them to give me a refund or have the store call bestbuy and get it reissued. I explain the giftcard was a gift and I don't know who to contact. How does bestbuy not honor a bestbuy gift card. I'm then told I need to use "logic" and figure it out. I try to explain again but the rep just could care less. I asked to speak to a supervisor. And the rep tells me that I need to fix the problem and do I b really need to talk to a supervisor because they won't help. I then repeat yes I want to speak to someone else. The rep says ok but it will take a while. I'm put on hold and after 30 mins with no one coming on the phone I'm hanged up on. It has now been months of this issue multiple calls and a chats with no results. I have missed out on 2 xbox series x and card not even spend it on anything period. I have invested enough time to get a part time job and earn the gift card twice over. I don't know where to turn to one helps or cares. I've never seen a company not honor a gift card that's only for their store. Please help me get in touch with a customer servucecsupervisor or any one that can help if that even exist at bestbuy. Maybe David {removed per forum guidelines} or a ceo?

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Re: Half a year and my gift card still wont work

Good afternoon, Amazinjt,


Welcome to our community forums. I'm sure you're eager to get an Xbox Series X and I appreciate you letting us know about your experience with this gift card. I'd be glad to provide some advice on what options are available moving forward.


As the previous agent mentioned, we are unable to reissue gift cards that were purchased at a third party retailer due to system limitations. I would continue to work with the retailer where this gift card was purchased for further assistance.


I understand that this isn't the ideal outcome to this situation and I apologize that we can't be of more assistance. Please let me know if you have more questions that I can help you with.



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