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Gilbert, AZ - Geek Squad failure

I have been a customer of Best Buy for more years than I can remember. My husband and I, in the last 5 years have been elite plus members. 

Recently my husband's gaming computer died. After visiting the Geek Squad counter at the Chandler, AZ store, and learning his computer was officially deceased, an employee there was very helpful getting a list of parts together for us and told us they'd be able to assemble a new computer together once we got all the parts and brought them in together. He even sourced some lower prices on other places in the internet. 


After going home, reviewing the list, and finding everything through Best Buys website (some great deals too!) we got our stuff together and headed to the Gilbert, AZ Best Buy (the Gilbert store is a bit closer to us, making it more convenient to get to).


The Gilbert store has always been our favorite location, the lay out of the store just feels like it makes more sense. 


Anyway, we're Total Tech members, and Geek Squad is Geek Squad, right?!? What's available at one Best Buy in terms of customer service and ability, should be available at all Best Buys... or at least that's what I thought...


Get to the Gilbert store, and their Geek Squad personnel seem to not be very confident, experienced, and even a bit timid (totally understandable if it was a new employee - but I have no way of knowing). They called a manager over, and the manager told us that Geek Squad would not be able to put together our computer (remember -ALL COMPONENTS- were purchased through or at a physical Best Buy store). The manager told us, it's a liability issue, and that it is not a service that Geek Squad offers. 


Left the Gilbert store rather upset, why am I paying for Total Tech, and getting 100% of my electronics from Best Buy if they can't even assemble parts purchased from them!


Went back to the Chandler store, and hey, totally different tune being sung there. At the Chandler store I was told that all Geek Squads in Best Buys are able to assemble a computer - especially from parts purchased from Best Buy. The Chandler employee apologized for the Gilbert's store treatment of us as customers. 


Why are stores not all on the same page? Why am I told I can get a computer put together at one Best Buy location but not at another?


This whole experience has left a very bad taste in my mouth, I doubt I will be returning to the Gilbert store any time soon. My husband and I easily spend between $5000- $12000 a year at Best Buy depending on our electronic needs.


The Chandler store, while it has employees willing to work and help customers, just has an odd lay out and feel to the store, it doesn't feel comfortable walking through there. 


I feel so let down and undervalued as a customer. Not to mention the time off from work to run around to different Best Buys during lunch breaks, and wasting gas when it's close to $5 a gallon... 


I would really appreciate a response from corporate. 

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Re: Gilbert, AZ - Geek Squad failure

Hello, lizsykes, 


Thanks for reaching out about your recent experiences with our Chandler and Gilbert Best Buy stores. I appreciate you and your husband being such loyal customers of ours. I know finding out that you have no options beyond replacing your computer, is tough to hear, but it sounds like the Agent at our Chandler store did great work in trying to soften that and find solutions for you both. I can understand being told by the Gilbert store that this wasn't an option though, would have been unwelcome. 


I'd be happy to look into this further to find out why you were receiving such different responses from the store. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address? To send the private message, you can use the button in my signature below. Please note, I will be leaving the office soon and will be out the next two days, but I will respond to any messages that I receive after I leave, when I return on Sunday. 




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