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Gift card balance support

Can I please have a reasonable person support me?  After who knows how many phone calls 6+ hours of explaining I still have no resolution, ive been yelled at and hung up on dileberately, disconnected after an hour on hold and candidly just aggravated and don't want to do business with Best buy any more. 


I have saved up credit card points and recently cashed them in for Best buy gift cards from various places.  The total is around $1100.  I purchased a laptop online, couple minutes later I got an email that payment failed.  I showed that one of the gift cards failed to authorize.  I called in and the first rep told me that I could update my credit card and pay with a card to cover or call where I got the gift card because there was no balance on it.  I called the place where I got the gift card and long story short the balance was fine. I called back in, the next rep told me I cant use my credit card to cover it but I need to cancel my order.  She said the balances to my gift cards will return within 30 minutes but no later than 24 hours.  



Called the next morning, he told me to wait until 25.5 hours after the order was cancelled and the money would be there.  So I waited, what do you know?  No balance.  


Called, was transferred to someone who I can't imagine is a valued member of the team.  She was literally screaming at me, I hope the call can be accessed.  I eventually got frustrated from her disrepectful tone and returned it, she then hung up.  


Called back and chatted in.  They said 2 to 3 days in chat, woman on the phone said 7-10 days....not good enough.  Asked for manager, they said any time its already processing check in the morning and call back if not good


Called this morning, nice man on the phone, offered me some credit of $90 but told me to go to the store for resolution.  Then said wait if these are e gift cards we can check a differnt system.  Overall call lasted an hour and ended with a $90 credit I dont care about, I dont want free money.  I still have no resolution and as of this writing all my gift cards are still showing zero.  


How do I get a resolution today?  I want to order my laptop, its not it stock, I get an extra 10% off this month due to birthday and being elite member I guess.  Im frustated, aggravated and need support. 

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Re: Gift card balance support

Greetings, corycullers,

Thank you for taking the time to join us here on the Forums, although I am sad to hear about the circumstances surrounding your Best Buy gift cards. This is a far cry from the experience we want any of our members to go through, and I can totally understand wanting to check on the refund status of those gift cards. I'd like the opportunity to review this further. To check on this, I will need to gather some additional details.

When you get the chance, can you please send me a private message that includes your full name, phone number, email address, and the order number in which these gift cards were originally used? You can send a secure message by using the Private Message button below.

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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