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Gift Card Stolen

I'm reaching out hoping to get some resolution.  I purchase 2 gift card from CVS for Best Buy on 12/31/2020, one for $150 and another for $300.  I went to use them on 1/1/2021 and learned there was no money on the cards.  I called Best Buy and learned someone had used them the previous evening.  When talking to Best Buy it took 3 Hours to get someone who could help me.  I was told them seen where orders were placed online and being shipped to a Delaware address and they would stop the shipment so I could get my money back.  I have been check every day and no money.  The next day I called best buy (WHICH FYI YOU PHONE NUMBER ON THE BACK OF THE CARD DOESNT GET YOU HELP, its not valid).


So next day I'm told i have to file a police report and they will do an investigation and it will take 96 hours.  I'm so mad because now I'm out $450 which I need to purchase a new laptop.  Also talking to BEST BUY you told me since I purchases the gift card from CVS it would be hard to get a replacement card.  If that is the case why would ANYONE buy a gift card from CVS?



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Re: Gift Card Stolen

Hi, julietexas,


Thanks for reaching out to us about your gift cards. I'm sorry to hear that the balance was used, and I can understand your concern as $450 is a lot of money to miss out on. I'd like to take a closer look into this and see what I can do to help.


Please send us a private message with your full name, email, and phone number and I can get started.





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Re: Gift Card Stolen

DONT EVER PURCHASE GIFT CARD FROM CVS.  Mine number was stolen before I could use it and now BEST BUY won't honor it, when they could have stopped the shipment and they are stating its CVS problem and CVS states its BEST BUY problem.  Deep pocket corporation and you can't help me recover my money when you could have stopped the shipment.

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Re: Gift Card Stolen

Hi, julietexas,


I understand how concerning this situation must be, and I have followed up to your private message as well. Please look to your inbox for my reply.



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