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Gift Card Fiasco..Formal Complaint

2020 holiday shopping was all done online (mostly on Amazon) because of Covid-19. I tried to do a one stop shop to save time & money.One of the 4 gift cards I purchased was a $50 Best Buy gift card for my 15 year old grandson. The card came with a receipt that showed the card serial number.Sometime in late February my grandson realized the gift card was lost. I figured the best option would be to have the card deactivated and a new one issued.On March 2, 2021 I called Amazon and was told because it was a BB card I needed to contact BB. I called BB customer service and they said I needed to go to a BB store.I went to the BB store and the store manager said I needed to call customer service. I called the number listed online to call for lost or stolen cards and was told I needed to call customer service. On March 4th I called BB customer service and I spoke to Kathy who was very helpful. After a lengthy conversation she was able to figure out the card number from the gift card receipt I had and told me the gift card had not been used. She said she would deactivate and issue a new gift card.  She gave me an ID number and said it would take 6-8 weeks. I hung up feeling very positive about my experience with BB customer service.On April 26, 2021 I called BB customer service to check on the status of the replacement card. The customer service rep, after looking up the ID number, said the replacement card had been denied and the gift card reactivated. WHY?? Because the BB card had been purchased from a third party. I needed to call Amazon.Amazon said no, it is a BB gift card they should replace. It makes absolutely no sense to me why BB can not or will not replace the gift card.So frustrating..In other words, the consumer is taking a chance when purchasing a BB gift card sold at any retail store CVS, Target, Walgreen, etc. Why would any retailer want to sell Best Buy gift cards if Best Buy cannot be trusted to replace a lost or stolen gift card when a receipt of purchase is provided.I agree with Amazon, Best Buy is the responsible party.Best Buy needs to do the right thing. What is the "right" thing that Best Buy should do; replace the gift card!
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Re: Gift Card Fiasco..Formal Complaint

See the image below. This particular gift card company is a third party, is a company of Amazon so they would be responsible for replacing the card. Best Buy can only service cards that are sold direct, either online or through the store.


Also, these third party gift cards have terms and conditions such as the card is like cash, treat it as such and most likely can't be replaced if lost or stolen , etc.


So in reality you need to contact the third party issuer. Best Buy can't help you with this transaction.



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Re: Gift Card Fiasco..Formal Complaint

Welcome, 4nana8,


Thank you for taking the time to stop by our community forums. I know I like to hang on to gift cards for quite a long time and can understand not being able to find one after the holiday season. I appreciate you letting us know about your experience with this process so far and would be happy to provide some additional clarification .


Generally, we are able to reissue the remaining balance on a gift card that has been lost or damaged if it was purchased at Best Buy. While I wish I could provide a different answer, we are unable to complete this process if a gift card was purchased at a third party retailer.


I would recommend continuing to work with Amazon moving forward. I hope I was able to provide some more information. Please let me know if I can help with any other questions or concerns.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Gift Card Fiasco..Formal Complaint

From all the online reviews I have read, ACI and Best Buy receive very low marks for their customer service.Best Buy could issue a new gift card (not a replacement) if they were interested in providing good customer service. Instead they choose to lose customer confidence and a $50 sale. It would take little effort to make this a positive experience for everyone involved, including Best Buy. A little Minnesota nice goes a long way.