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Get my windows key from BestBuy

Hey, so I got a computer from BestBuy in 2018, which came preinstalled with Windows. I didn't want to use Windows at the time, so I flatted the machine and installed Linux.


It's come time for me to use Windows once again; seeing that the cost of windows is included in the 2K+ price point of the machine, it would be great if I could get the Windows product key for the software that shipped with the computer.


I'm not asking for anything extra, just for some information about the product that was shipped, which should be in BestBuy's logs, and ostensibly straightforward to access. Please help me reach someone at BestBuy; I can't seem find a number or a email address to connect with them, hence this message on the forum.



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Re: Get my windows key from BestBuy

Windows keys haven't existed in this form for OEM machines sence windows 7. At least 5 or 6 years now. The key is built into the bios of the machine. You just need to build a windows usb and boot off it. Windows will generally detect the key and install the correct version.