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GPU Support and 3070 TI leading to Failed Support and Mis-Information

Hello, I am contacting you today as I have been unfairly treated and misinformed by support at Best Buy. After 6 months of attempting to purchase a new 3000 series graphics card from Best Buy, I have found myself having no luck.
From signing up for stock alerts from 3rd party websites and companies for best buy to sitting on Best Buy website hours at a time refreshing and reloading the pages to check for inventory.
The first look at the chance for a new GPU came with the Best Buy Corporate Announcement of the 3080 TI In-Store-Only release! Over the past week, I have spoken to support agents on the Best Buy website. After each Chat, I have always entered my email "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" to receive the transcript of the chat, although never receive my transcript...
I have been lied to and misinformed by not only support agents but supervisors as well! Whether that is being told that a product is being released in-store, being able to order the product if I go in-store or do not get a ticket on release, or even being instructed on how to find out how many tickets will be issued for a 6/10 in-store release at my local store. I have also been told that I was "guaranteed" a Graphics Card, and on multiple occasions, I had to correct a support agent on information that has been publically published by Best Buy... (I mentioned the name of the agents in a support chat, although as said previously. I have not been sent any of the transcripts even after requesting them.)
I decided to resort to the last of my liking by elevating the case to a higher-up team at the end of last week. After doing so, I was told an audit would take place on my previous chat interactions to make sure such an experience never occurs again. By the same supervisor who elevated my case, I was told that Best Buy plans to have an in-store release event for the 3070 TI on 6/10/2021 just as they did with the 3080 TI on 6/3/2021. After a back-and-forth conversation, he instructed me to call my local *Boca Raton Store* and ask to speak to the "Store Manager" for the 2 questions I posed.
My 2 questions at large were "How many tickets will be issued at the Boca Raton Store for the 3070 Release Event?" as well as "Based on the previous event on 6/3, what would be a good estimated time to join the line to be toward to front?" The supervisor told me that the store manager would undoubtedly be able to help me with this even after confirmation. After finally believing I was getting the meaningful support I deserved as a customer. I thanked the supervisor as we ended our chat.
After the chat, I attempted to call (561) 477-5367 which is the Boca Raton Store Phone Number. The phone lines were unavailable and said they were not accepting calls. Being very frustrated I created an online support chat as that is the only place I have gotten any information so far. In the support chat, I did not elevate to a supervisor rather the agent had told me to try the phone line in around an hour. Later that day, I had attempted to call the store again for the same message of them not accepting calls. I also attempted to contact them on Sunday evening, and Monday afternoon for the same message!
Today is Monday (6/7) as of writing this. After creating a support chat, and stating that the instructions I was given by the supervisor have not worked; I was informed that my case was indeed escalated and that I had a phone number for corporate to contact. (After ending the support chat and getting on call for over an hour to speak to no voices. I was done with this whole mess and went on to utilize my time in a more useful and meaningful way.)
Later that night, I created a 2nd support chat, asking immediately to speak to the higher-up team as I have been inconvenienced enough throughout this whole situation stating I have had handfuls of support chats opened and nothing but misinformation and confusion spread across the board. Later that day, I was informed by a supervisor that the stores won't be able to receive my message where I asked repeatedly if they can relay my message for a response to my 2 questions via email, text, voicemail, or call-back or any method necessary. In that support chat, I was told the 3070 TI launch on 6/10 would be an *online release* instead of the previously stated *in-store release*. After hours of support chats opened, several calls to the local store, emailing the best buy leader on the Boca Raton Store page, speaking to best buy support on Twitter, and waiting on a call as well as talking to 2 or 3 different supervisors throughout this whole ordeal. I was stunned at how it could take this long to find out such little information even thereafter creating chats about being mis-sold and misinformed by previous agents just for them to misinform me even more...
To this day, it has been 6 months of waiting to purchase a GPU and with the 3080 TI release taking place on 6/3 and being told of the 3070 TI 6/10 release event, it finally seemed as if I would be able to beat out the scalpers and bots who have been taking over the Best Buy online market of GPU's. Hours upon hours of support later, it turns out not to be true as I return myself to my computer with no orders, backorders, pre-orders, or reserves for a single graphics card......
I am extremely disappointed in Best Buy's support, I wish for this case to be escalated even further as even the supervisors taking on this case seem to be deceitful in many ways. I also would like to have the transcripts that I have requested every time I have ended a chat by putting my email in! Lack of customer service, employee knowledge, and care for the customer has now resulted in me being lost on my attempt to order the GPU... Please contact me immediately on **PROPERLY** obtaining the GPU, nothing to date has been truthful or forthcoming and I wish to be a happy paying customer. I have been a loyal customer for years, being part of your rewards programs and always going to best buy before any other computer sales company and spending thousands upon thousands of dollars at my local store. I once again, have suffered the consequences due to the actions of Best Buy employees. There must be some kind of action that can be taken for the extreme amounts of time I have wasted not only on support but also trying to get support and following the ways I have been instructed to do.

Thank you for reading this carefully and I apologize if any of this is found in a derogatory tone. I wish for you to me an understanding of me as a customer and the outrageous amount of time spent to gain such little information, with it causing annoyance, displeasure, and anger as a customer for so long. I hope you are able to help me acquire the GPU I have been attempting to get, although it seems to hold no truth to the story.



NOTE: Gotten hung up by support agents 2 times in a row.

Case ID: 263721024

I am wanting an email not a support chat. They have not been helpful.

I have had chats with Lilly Michelle, Jennifer S, Samuel, Andrea A, David R, Antonio Cruz, Joseph P, David James and many more...

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Re: GPU Support and 3070 TI leading to Failed Support and Mis-Information

The only way to get any of this information would be to email the store. It may not be information they can give you.

The chat and phone support people don't have store specific information. They are not in the usa. Most have never been in a bestbuy.