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Scam - Geek Squad

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This is the email I got.  The only reason it has me concerned is because it has my real name on there, not "customer".  And that has me concerned.  I sent this actual email to the abuse address given to me by a Best Buy employee.  


Dear (real name taken out by OP) ,

Thank you for choosing Geek Squad Protection from us.

Today the Service will be renewed autometically with $349.99 on the same account provided to us.

Customer Support +1{removed per forum guidelines}

Details are given below -

Service : Geek Squad Advanced Protection
Mode : Auto Renew
Order ID : (order number taken out by OP)
Date : 08/07/2021

NOTE - Charges will appear on your statement after 8 hours once debited.

If you want to cancel the charges For $349.99 for Auto - Renew this time.
Get in touch with us: +1{removed per forum guidelines}

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Geek Squad Scam

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Hello I believe I just got scamed as well I never signed up for geek squad help. Here is the email and it looks the same as everyone elses.



Dear Customer,


We hope you have enjoyed speeding through services with Geek Squad.


As a friendly reminder, your membership of 2 years tenure for enterprise cloud storage system renews on 14 July 2021. A payment of $349.99 is debited directly from your card with Invoice no {removed per forum guidelines}.


If you wish to keep the account with us no action is required.


However, if there is no status change in your planned membership, you may call us at our toll-free no.

{removed per forum guidelines}



Our helpline number available from 10:30 to 6:30 EST. Our customer care champs would love to help you out.


We ensure you the earliest response.



 You have 24hrs to refund this charge from the date of the transaction without being charges.


Best Regards,

Geek Squad

{removed per forum guidelines}





NOTE: If an email is received in your spam box ask the services desk to verify machine identity.

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and will you will not receive a response




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Spam using {removed per forum guidelines} in the internet header

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About 1 month ago, we started gettting slammed with spam, some of which was quite vulger.  After researching the problem, I noted on common characteristic, they were all coming from {removed per forum guidelines}, which was hidden within the internet headers.  I seem obvious that BestBuy's domain, has been hacked and someone is sending out emails to BestBuy members, but no one has bother to inform the customer.  Has any other of my personal infromation been compromised?

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Email Scams

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Hello.  I’ve just finished a call with tech support and they relayed to me there was no way to report these scam emails.


I’ve been receiving hundreds of emails from {removed per forum guidelines} and I cannot figure out how to block these.  I do have the address on my blocked sender list but they keep coming.  Sample email bellow.


What can I do?


Thanks for your help.





From: Facebook <{removed per forum guidelines}>
Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2021 12:35 PM
To: {removed per forum guidelines}
Subject: SAD news Confirmed for MELANIA TRUMP


{removed per forum guidelines}