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Greetings and Salutations from Alaska,


Just wanted to say that I also received this scam from Geek Squad. At first, I thought it was for real since I have travelled to Argentina in the past year, and the address had an ar at the end of it. However, since I KNOW I have no such autopay in place since I ONLY deal with Mac/Apple, I was pretty sure it was a scam trying to get me to part with almost $400...yikes!


Then I came across you folks and realized that I was right. The email was almost the same as the one I found earlier here, bad grammar/spelling and all. Scary stuff! Please pass it on so nobody gets hurt...thanks! Silvia {removed per forum guidelines}




Dear  Member,

We are hereby to inform to you that  $399.99 Is going to be charged within 24 hours for the upcoming auto-renewal of the Network Firewall  Security License For 3 years  Plan Of your Operating system!  So If you want to Continue The Services Then Ignore This Email and  If you want To Cancel This License And Claim Your Deposit Back As  Refund  Then Do  Call Our  Customer Support (24X7)

*Be In front of The Computer With The Member ID  While  Calling The Customer  Support*

MEMBER ID :  {removed per forum guidelines}

Customer Support Contact
{removed per forum guidelines}



With regards,
Geek Squad Team

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Hi there, Silvia,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our community forums. I appreciate you reaching out to us and letting us know about this email you received. I can certainly understand your concern to receive this email and would be glad to give you some more information on how to report this.


Scammers can fake caller ID, name tags, receipts, and email address information which can trick people into thinking that they are legitimate. If you are ever asked for personal information or feel unsure about a call, you would want to hang up and call the business yourself to make sure that it was legitimate. These same general rules apply to emails, if something ever seems weird, or you are being asked to pay in a different currency, please contact the business directly. You can find out more here


You can also forward this email to so we can further review this. You can find some more details here.


Please let me know if I can help you with anything else!


AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Geek Squad Auto-Renewal email

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Looks like there is a scam going on - at least I hope this is a scam. I don't have any Geek Squad service that I know of.



Online Technical Support
Reminder :- Card Debit Intimation
Order ID :- {removed per forum guidelines}
Auto Renewal Amount :- $597
Subscription Date : 07/10/2019
End Date : 06/10/2020
Product Code: #49802
Product Name : Network Security
Renewal Status : Auto Renewal
Dear [My Name Here],

We hope you are doing great, its our pleasure to serve you as our registered customer.

We have a new network security update ready for installation

As per the record. Your plan will be auto renewed and card will charge $597,

Call us on toll-free for any concern {removed per forum guidelines}

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, Have a great day!
Thank you for choosing Geek Squad®.

Premium Virtual Support

Consumer ID:
{removed per forum guidelines}

Geek Squad customers are saying:

"I rest easier knowing Geek Squad has my back."
– Caleb P., NY

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To ensure delivery to your inbox, add {removed per forum guidelines} to your contact address book.

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jGeek Squad Scam

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Best Buy...
Geek Squad {removed per forum guidelines}
Oct 5, 2020, 3:09 PM (1 day ago)
to me
jReceived this.  Yet another scam about the Geek Squad.  Hope you report them.
Geek Squad Dear Customer ,

Thanks for completing 2 years with the Best Buy Geek Squad. We will charge your credit card for next month's subscription in the amount of Credit $ 499.99, the cost will be reflected on your account balance within 48 hours.

  If you want to stop the membership, please call us on: -{removed per forum guidelines}


  Thank you
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Re: I need to cancel Geek Squad protection on phone I no longer own.

I would be extremely carefully about calling to cancel one's membership.  I called the number Geek Squad had placed on their website and got scammed by one of their employees who answered my call.  This person said I had reimbursement coming and that they would put into my bank account.  Being naive and thoroughly innocent, I gave this person my bank and somehow they manipulated and told me to put in the amount which i did only to find an extra zero and hence this person said it would need to be fixed.  This person had me to go to Walmart and purchase gift certificates that amounted to a thousand dollars.  Being so naive and gullible, I thought this was mighty strange but want ahead and did as this person said.  A short time later, assured that I got the gift cards told me to scratch and give the numbers which I stupidly did.  I was then asked to go to Best Buy and do the same.  Its a good thing I went to the Geek Squad department and spoke with the manager who told me this was a scam and that I should go to the Police to report this theft which I did.

I also wrote to the management of Best Buy and to Geek Squad but have not received even a note from both - hence, I am just wondering if they (Best Buy and Geek Squad) are in this scam also.  So be careful everyone who reads this - don't get scammed and don't get fooled.  

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I feel that the number you called was not the one on the Best Buy website, but either came up in a search engine inquiry or a fake Best Buy or Geek Squad website.
I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
***Know that I am not able to issue official responses and that my posts are only here to help before an official response is offered by a Best Buy Social Media Specialist***
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Re: Geek squad scam

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Good morning,


We received an email today titled "Notification for auto renewal charges" from email {removed per forum guidelines}, body of the email states that my Geek Squad subscription has been renewed in the amount of $389 under order number {removed per forum guidelines}, for production: Protection 360. It gives the number {removed per forum guidelines} to call. 


We have never had a Geek Squad subscription and when the number is called it is not a valid number. 


We clicked no links in the email but wanted to bring it to Best Buy's attention due to possible data breach. 


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SCAM Email about Geek Squad auto renewal

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I received this today, 11/2/2020:


From: {removed per forum guidelines}

Subject Line: $ 299.99 against your account. !!


Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing Geek squad, we are reaching out to remind you that your  Geek squad  Annual Maintenance Service is expiring on November 02, 2020.


We would thank you for the completion of the 12-month maintenance plan.


We will auto-renew your plan and charge $ 299.99 against your account.


We understand that you are busy hence could not get through to you when we tried to contact you.

Geek squad

Grand Total:  $ 299.99
Order ID: {removed per forum guidelines}
Customer ID: {removed per forum guidelines}

If you have any query or you would like to cancel this subscription, please contact our Customer Service at {removed per forum guidelines}.    

© 2020 US 
Geek squad
Customer Service 
{removed per forum guidelines}

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Scam email?

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I received this today:






Your Premium Protection Plan of your computer has been renewed.

Since your account is set to auto-renew, we will automatically process the charges of $699 for the auto-renewal of your Premium Protection Plan and the charges will reflect in your account in the next 24 hours.

You do not need to take any action from your side as we just wanted to let you know about the renewal.

Thanks for your continued support and have a great day.

In case you need to cancel the renewal of the Premium Protection Plan and claim your refund of $699 just call us at {removed per forum guidelines}.







PHONE – {removed per forum guidelines}




The email came from Ralph Shields 

{removed per forum guidelines}


I am sure this is a scam and just wanted you to be aware.

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Geek Squad Scam?

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Received an email from officecare ({removed per forum guidelines}) telling me my account had been debited for 349.99 for Geek User Annual License (2)  gave me an order #.  Instructions to call {removed per forum guidelines} Custormer Care within 48 hours if I wanted to contest the charge.  Not wanting to call as I feel that they are phishing for my card #.  Suggestions?