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Re: Email Scam

Good afternoon, Jdrichter05,


Welcome to our community forums and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us regarding this email. It's always a good idea to be a bit hesitant when you receive an unexpected email like this and I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I would be glad to provide some recommendations and information regarding emails like this.


Both this order and customer ID do not match our normal format. Additionally, the Geek Squad's phone number is (800) 433-5778. Additionally, the Geek Squad does not offer any services like this.


We have some steps we recommend taking to help keep you safe from those falsely attempting to use Best Buy's name to get access to your private information. You can view that information here. That link also contains information on how to forward this email to us so we can more thoroughly investigate this.


I hope I was able to provide some additional information but please don't hesitate to let me know if you have more questions I can assist you with!

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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GEEK SQUAD - Fraud check

[ Edited ]

Received below text today - 


Text message from +{removed per forum guidelines}

Dear subscriber, 


Your support plan of $389.99 will be renewed in next 24 hours. 

To cancel the subscription 


Call us on {removed per forum guidelines}


[Geek squad]



Being curious I dialed on the number and that went to voicemail and instantly received a call back from {removed per forum guidelines}. There was this guy who confirmed that renewal will happen and to cancel it, he wanted me to type in a link to a live form on the computer while on the call. I said, what is this link for and I wouldn't do that. If there is a active subription there should be an email associated to it and send me the link via email. He refused to do so and hung up on me saying we can't help you with the renewal.


Hopefully, this is a valid fraud and want to bring this to Geek Squads notice. 



Shashank K.

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Re: GEEK SQUAD - Fraud check

Good afternoon, Shashank,


Welcome to our forums!  It seems like there’s a scam or someone trying to steal your identity around every corner these days, so I can certainly understand your caution after this text you’ve received, and I appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention.


While we’ve removed the phone number you’ve provided from the public view of our Support Forums, I was able to take a look at both numbers provided, and they don’t appear to be associated with Best Buy or Geek Squad in any way.  As it sounds like you’re aware, if you do have any subscriptions with us that will be renewed, you shouldn’t expect any sort of text or call from us, so I’m glad to hear you didn’t follow any links they provided during your call.


While it sounds like there shouldn’t be an issue, I recommend reviewing your bank and credit card statements just in case, and dispute any suspicious charges you may find with the appropriate financial institution. 


Thank you for following up with us, and if you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Forums again.



SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Scam email


I received an email for renewal to Geek Squad for $249.90 this morning. They did not take the money but I will keep an eye on my bank account.

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Re: Geek Squad Scam or What

[ Edited ]

I received the following email (very suspicious):


"Dear Customer,



Congratulation, your product is auto renewed successfully Geek Squad PC protection with VPN & ID theft protection Plan.


Customer Support - +1 {removed per forum guidelines}


Today the Service will be renewed automatically with $219.99 on the same account provided to us.



Details are given below : –


Service :- Geek Squad Advanced PC Protection


Order-ID :- {removed per forum guidelines}


Tenure :- 2 Years


Quantity :- 1


Date :- 30-03-2021



If you have any question about your order please call us on the given toll free number.


Get in touch with us : +1{removed per forum guidelines}


NOTE – Charges will appear on your statement after 6 hours once debited.




Geek-Squad Protection Team

{removed per forum guidelines}



What do you think?



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Re: Geek Squad Scam or What

Total Scam, just some easy things I notice.  While some may not be obvious to non-employees, there are HUGE red flags anyone can detect.  I bolded those.


Phone number is not Geek Squad nor is it any Best Buy number.




Date is in DD-MM-YY which is not commonly used by American companies.


Service named isn't anything we offer, this can be verified by the website.


Order-ID is nothing like one that Best Buy uses.


At the end of the day, they wanted you to call.  They'd probably have asked for your credit card details to "find the purchase" in order to cancel it and at that moment you've exposed your card details.  



I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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Geek Squad

[ Edited ]

Geek Squad Renewal Reminder Inbox Subscription Expire Call Us <{removed per forum guidelines}> Fri, Apr 9, 1:26 PM (3 days ago) to me Dear user, Thank you for choosing us for your network solutions. It has been a while you are using our services for your network solutions and we have loved your feedback as well. Since you have enabled your automated renewal in the account settings you have been charged for the renewal. The transaction of amount $259 Will appear on your billing system in 3 business days. You may contact us at {removed per forum guidelines} Thank you Geek Squad {removed per forum guidelines}


I recieved this email a couple days ago and i have never signed up for anything from Geek Squad. How is it possible that someone has my email information that i never gave to them. If there is a security breach with Best Buy, then someone need to fix it ASAP.

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Geek squad billing team

I got an email telling me y have a geek squad bill to be charged to my account. I did purchase a tv recently but I don’t have a geek squad. Is this a scam?
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Re: Geek squad billing team

If you purchased a protection plan those details would be handed to you at the register along with your plan.


And yes, this is a scam as people have been receiving fraudulent emails regarding these plans and the scam involves various amounts. So unless you purchased a protection plan etc, you can report it here


Best Buy also suggests 2 factor authentication so that illegit people can't access your account.

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Geek Squad Email Scam?

[ Edited ]

I'm pretty sure this is a scam, I have never used Geek Squad and I signed up for an account here just to ask about it. I haven't used my maiden name in over 15 years and I also noticed some of the misspelling. The email I got was from {removed per forum guidelines} and says below:

I don't know where else I could report these emails to.. (that info would be great!)

Dear Amanda Flores,

Thank you for choosing Geek Squad Protection from us. 

Today the Service will be renewed autometically with $449.99 on the same account provided to us.
Customer Support {removed per forum guidelines}

Details are given below - 

Service : Geek Squad Advanced Protection
Mode : Auto Renew
Order ID : {removed per forum guidelines}
Date : 06/07/2021

NOTE - Charges will appear on your statement after 8 hours once debited. 

If you want to cancel the charges For $499.99 for Auto - Renew this time. 
Get in touch with us: {removed per forum guidelines}

Geek Support Team