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Scam Geek Squad Renewal

scam email sent to a friend with my name on it.

Geek squad <>
Date: November 25, 2020 at 1:55:36 PM EST
Subject: Auto debit from your account Maintenance Fee..Please call

Dear Customer,


Thank you for choosing Geek squad, we are reaching out to remind you that your Geek squad Annual Maintenance Service is expiring on November 25, 2020.


We would thank you for the completion of the 12-month maintenance plan.


We will auto-renew your plan and charge $ 299.99 against your account.


We understand that you are busy hence could not get through to you when we tried to contact you.


Geek squad


Grand Total:  $ 299.99


Order ID: URTAG69346B


Customer ID: TX147AFBT3G


If you have any query or you would like to cancel this subscription, please contact our Customer Service at +1 (734) 726-6639.


© 2020 US Geek squad


Customer Service


+1 (734) 726-6639

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SPAM email/Fraud

From: geek squad <>


             Hi this email from GEEKS SQUAD the reason why we are sending this email to you because we Would like to inform you that the service Which you have Signed up with us has  been expired so the service will be automatically renewed in two days and the renewal charges will be $499 usd the same amount which you paid at the first place for technical support membership. And it will be automatically debited from your account, however if you don't want to continue with our service you can call on this number +1-386-666_7232 this is our cancellation department number and ask to cancel the service. After that you will have to fill up a cancellation form in order for the services to get cancelled. Beside that we would like to inform you that the service Which you have Signed up for is the computer protection, Which i hope you remember that you called us when you were facing problem with your computer and so quicken we fixed the problem and you paid us certain amount and the invoice of that membership was sent to your email along with a ATTACHMENT on your computer Display Screen. So kindly call us on +1-386-666-7232 if you wish to cancel the membership otherwise the membership will be renewed automatically. Replying to this email is not going to cancel the membership you will have to call on the number to cancel this membership.

Thank you 



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Account Security - breach of my account information - phisher posing as Geek Squad

The purpose of this message is to point out a breach in Best Buy/Geek Squad/Webroot account secutiy. Someone obtained enough of my account information to send a phishing email. How did they get my information from Best Buy/Geek Squad/Webroot? Webroot is supposed to provide security yet my account information is not secure! Also, I find out that Best Buy has no department or mechanism to deal with this illegal activity; not even a way to report it to the company. It's very concerning to have my information in the hands of a company that doesn't seem to have my security as a priority. 

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Re: Definitely a Scam!!!

[ Edited ]

I had the same issue - see below. I called and was told I need to be in front of my computer and he would have me fill out a form. I don’t even know what computer or what service he is talking about. He said it was from 2016. He hung up on me when I told him to send me an email from Best Buy. The email I received did not come from a Best Buy email. It was this email- {removed per forum guidelines}
Order Confirmation
Dear Customer,
Your Subscription with GeekSquad for the online support will Renew Today and $299.99 is about to Debit from your account by Today.
For any assistance, Call our Customer Service: +1 (830)-360-1786

Product: Online Support & Software Warranty
Quantity: 01
Tenure: 5 Years
Payment Method: Direct Debit
Mode: Online Delivery
Renewal Amount: $299.99


GeekSquad Billing Department.
Customer Help Line: +1 (830)-360-1786

GeekSquad Online Services.